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Cycle Help for a Shift Worker

Hello all,

I work at a camp where im in camp for two weeks and home for one week. I am currently 6 weeks into a test only cycle of 250mg every 5 days. I am not allowed to bring anything to camp other than a few orals possibly as well as my aromasin. No pins or test. I want to keep going with my cycle as its been great, but i would like help tailoring it to my scenario. Does anyone have advice? I was thinking of pinning 250 on day 1,4 and 7 of my home days and bringing anavar as an oral booster while im away. Either way my t levels will be lowered when i get home. Any advice is appreciated.

Update: ive been told to use 50mg of anavar while im away and use 1/2 cc of prop with my cc of test e day 1 when i get home, 1/2 cc day 3 of prop and my 1cc on test e on day 7 when i leave. Look good?

Smuggle the test and pins in. You’re not allowed to bring them? Says who? You’re not allowed to have them right now i bet but you do anyway.
If you can’t get them in on or with your person for some reason then mail them to yourself.
Improvise while you’re at camp for your workouts.
Put a camper on your shoulders for squats. Trash bags of water with sheets to supports them for curls and delt raises. You can get under a bunk and bench press it. Add campers for weight. Branches for dips and pull ups…you’re all set.

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What is it a Christian camp​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

There’s a decent gym there so I can work out. It’s 14 and 7 rotation and there is a strict and enforced policy for any drugs at all and if you’re caught, you’re banned from sites and fired. So as I said, not an option.

Looking for help regarding the cycle, not the circumstances. Thanks boys.