Cycle Help: Epistane

Hello, guys!

I’ve just ordered a bottle of Epistane, 90 capsules of 20 mg each. I plan on running a cycle this summer.

About me:
Age: 21
Height: 6’5’’
Weight: Current (112 kg/245 pounds)/winter time (125 kg./275 pounds)
Only measured my two current weakpoints, arms and neck: Arms (L 18 inches/R 18.1 inches), neck (18.5 inches)

Bodyfat at the moment is pretty low, but I hate estimating BF, so just know that abs are quite visible.

Training experience: 5 years (real training). Started out with powerlifting, but due to injuries i started doing bodybuilding this summer to give my body a break.

Strength is decent. DL max is about 505-510 pounds, Bench max about 350 pounds and Front squat max is about 315 pounds.

This will be the first cycle.

I want to run epistane for 4-5 weeks, but I’m quite unsure about PCT. I would like to have something for the PCT that is over the counter and I feel that some guys want you to run a PCT worth 5 times the price of Epistane - which I have been told, on several occasions, is a pretty mild drug (in short durations).

Basic outline:
Week 1: 30 mg ED (increasing to 30 mg ED during the first couple of days)
Week 2: 30 mg ED
Week 3: 40 mg ED
Week 5: 40 mg ED

Any thoughts on PCT - legal alternatives.

My hope is to be at 115-117 kg. (gaining 2-5 kg. of mass) without much fat. And of course I would like to keep the gains.