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Cycle For Your Review

37 years old 6’ 215lbs

Would like input (good and bad) on my next cycle
Dbol W 1-4 10mg 3X day
Test Prop W 1-8 100mg EOD
Tren Ace W 1-8 75mg EOD
Mast Prop W 1-8 50mg EOD

HCG W 2-8 250iu E3D
Adex W 1-9 .25mg EOD

Nova W 9-12 40/40/20/20

Don’t hold anything back (like y’all ever do)

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Looks good.

I would run the HCG from day one - Leydig cells shut down within a few days of administering Test.
Add in some Caber.
Instead of your pct i would run 5-6 weeks of nolva @ 20mg a day. Taper down on the last week.
Start PCT a few days after last injection

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Ditto Pex.

Jabbing ED would be even slightly better.

Thanks guys. Keep the info coming.

Only 2 replies??? I know u guys have opinions or criticism. Really looking for your input

nothing else to add really mate all looks good - Jab every day if you can as Andy mentioned

What would be the benefits of pinning ED vs EOD? Are the half lives of the compounds I’m using not long enough to keep steady blood levels with pinning EOD? Just trying to learn here.

More stable blood levels with ED pinning that’s all. Not to say your going to crash and burn with EOD pinning. It’s just more optimal if you can stand pinning ED. I usually pin Prop and Ace Esters EOD as well…

Thanks guys. Any other tweaks?

Starting in about a week. Any last critiques?