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Cycle For Track and Field Athelete

Hi there I need some advice on which gear to use. I am a competitive long jumper boardering on international standard, I won’t have testing issues until sep 2008. I need a prtotocol to enhance my training. I do need extreme mass/ weight gain etc. I am primarily looking for increased muscle firing rates speeded up recovery time and increased power to weight ratios etc i have extensivily read up on speed trap charlie francis etc. I know about winstrol d- bol and stanazanol I am keen on a low dose nandralone cycle -

the question How long do you use nandralone for on its own i know its a real long acting etc and self tapers but how would i go about cycling it on its own?? please help

my other option i was thinking of is anavar - i need someting with minimal androgen sideffects due to sensitivity to MPB etc

i do know that nandralone stays in the system for upto 18 months i wont be tested due to the coubtry i represent