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Cycle for Tested Athlete

A buddy of mine is interested in helping his friend with a steroid cycle. The guy plays college ball. He has 8 weeks before he would be elligble for testing.

This is also the guys first cycle. I am just trying to help them out so they dont get the most out of their cycle.

Anyways I was thinking test enanthate…problem is how long does this take to get out of the body and not show up on a test…I have read 10.5 days and other places 3-4 weeks.

If it takes 3-4 weeks to get out I guess he could run enanthate for 5 weeks and last 3 weeks run prop.

Along with this run some form of anties. I was assuming a good dosage would be around 500-600mg a week of test.

Any help for me to pass on would be appreciated.

Depending on the type of testing, the metabolites from just about everything could be tested within that time.

Since he is playing within a tested organization, how about he just visit the ol Biotest store (BETA-7, creatine, REZ-V) and use some legit supplements and stay away from the stuff that he is prohibited from using.

Not sure. This is between my buddy and this guy. I think think guy has shown interest in it and my buddy would rather him do it correctly and get the most out of it if he is going to do it. I am just a friend trying to help him out.

Whats are your “friends” measurements? Is he trying to gain just some bulk or lean up?

[quote]Famousbychoice wrote:
Whats are your “friends” measurements? Is he trying to gain just some bulk or lean up?[/quote]

Not sure. Being an athlete and for his sport I think its size, strength, power, and speed.

I mean you can look at this chart. Even if your “friend” has 2 months free to do whatever, he still has to add the time he has to be off of the gear. For example, if he was to get on Test Prop, he could stay on this for 6 weeks but no longer in order to be “drug free” for his test. I think its a big chance to take. Your friend needs to consider how much he has at stake and how hard he is working.

  • also i dont know how much 6 weeks of Test P would help. Could just be a waste and a risk.

does this ‘friend’ have a goal? what sport with a ball does he play?

I found out he has 8 weeks and then 2 more weeks before tested so it should workout.

Football not Div I

Test prop(2 weeks) or suspension(1-3 days). Anything else is too risky. Maybe insulin, but I doubt your “friend” wants to get that “hard core”.

Insulin is very popular with tested athletes as it is not detectable. It’s safety profile is what discourages anybody but the most careful unless you want to end up dead. Taken safely though it is extremely effective.

From my experience, NCAA tests for either testosterone or narcotic drugs. The testosterone test is a simple urine testosterone to epitestosterone ratio. A simple way around this is to use non-testosterone steroids. I’m not advocating the use of illegal performance enhancing substances, but for the sake of argument this could be a likely workaround.