Cycle for tendon health

After reading Warhorses’ post on AAS and tendon health, I have decided to try a cycle with tendon health as the main concern. I have limited supplies in my stash (!) so this is what I’m going to run…

5 weeks of
200mg primo depot twice a week
250mg test enanthate every 10 days
Clomid post cycle

My only question was adding some winstrol orals into the mix as some research suggests it may have a favouable effect on tendon health - although some states the opposite.

Any comments would be appreciated and I will let you know how my tendons shape up after this cycle.



From what most people say Winstrol increases the risk of tendon pulls quite considerably because it increases the rate of tendon synthesis but makes the tendons much stiffer and less elastic, which means they are easier to pull.

I also think your intended cycle is too low in dosage to do anything. Its good to be cautious but you can go too far, and i believe you would see little if any results except to shutdown your natural test production and waste money.
Primo is pretty weak in its effect and you’d probably be better served using equipoise 3-400mg week which has similar qualities but is stronger and more effective. And i would bump the test to at least 500mg/week, ideally 750mg/week with definite use of anti-e’s.

I agree that equipoise is better than primo for tendons and in general. I would also avoid winny. Anavar could be added as well as GH.

A real tendon helper could be 250mg Test/week for sex drive. I actually don’t need to go higher but some do.
400mg/week eq with 20-30mg/day anavar and 2-6iu gh/day.

thanks for the input - appreciate it.