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Cycle for Strength Gains Without Mass. Anavar?

I would like to ask any recommended cycle that only gain strength without mass. Have been dieting hard and lose body fat. However Strength is going down. I am thinking about Anavar. However I heard that Anavar only cycle sucks, must be done with Test- why is this so?

When you start taking AAS your body shuts down its natural production of test. Without test, you have a host of side effects that are all negative. The easiest way to cycle IMO is to use a test base of at least TRT levels with your other compounds. There are differing opinions on whether test is required in a cycle but again I do feel its the easiest route to balance things. A simple test / Anavar cycle would work and if you kept calories in check you shouldn’t gain a lot of mass.

Weather you gain weight/mass or not is going to be more dependent on your diet. Guys run all sorts AAS when cutting cliff contests. I’ve been taking test e at 250mg (my trt dose) and have cut 24 lbs I’m the past 3 months. Eat for fat loss and train hard. An anavar / test cycle would be good for this. Once you get pretty low in body fat it’s really had to maintain strength though. It’s jist how your body works. You get weaker when your running on 1/2 empty. I feel my threshold for staying lean and keeping strength is right around 8-9% bf. Did below that and the fatigue sets in.

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