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Cycle for Strength Gain


Gents (maybe some ladies too),

First time poster, but I am not new cycling steroids. Im 39 yrs old, 5'11"" and 234lbs. Dont ask my body fat because I dont know. I have a 34 waist and i'm ok with that. Im not a bodybuilder. I train and cycle just to keep strong. I'm seeking advice on what can help increase strength past a 405 bench press. Been stuck there for awhile (years in fact) .

My cycle always include test e 500 to 1000 mg per week. I'll either stack it with 600 mg per week of EQ or sometimes I will stack anavar and/or tbol at 50mg ed and 60mg, respectively. Adex e2d or e3d. I know its probably frowned on here but when i'm not cycling, i'm usually just cruising at 250mg of test e per week. I dont like not being on it.

If anyone can provide a cycle recommendation that will dramatically increase strength, please reply (no need to include pct). If deca is part of the plan, let me know how to combat the dreaded deca dick. I have never used this compound. I held off after reading too much on the libido issues.

Much appreciated.


I would use tren with your test instead of eq. I would use strong orals like dbol and anadrol. Somewhere I would try to add a strong androgenic steroid that is similar to DHT not just a DHT derivative. The reason I say that is because I got the biggest strength gains of anything I've taken from a prohormone/designer steroid that was a methylated DHT mutant. Halotestin or something would probably work well, but I've never taken it.


Weeks 1-12
1000mg of Test Weekly
500mg of Tren Weekly
500mg of Deca Weekly

Weeks 1-6
100mg of Anadrol Daily

If you dont PR with this there is something wrong with you.

Your on a gram of Test Deca Dick should not be a problem at all here and considering you B & C it won't be a problem after wards either.


You didn't mention tren and that's a big one that you should not have overlooked.

You don't mention training either. How do you train to keep strong if you have been stuck at same bp of 405? Do you over train? Too long, two-three days on then one off. Hows your sleep and diet?

Do you diversify your workouts every two to three weeks so your body doesn't adapt and stagnate?

I would drastically switch out weights and add more reps and more volume then go back to lifting heavier in two weeks. Then rinse and repeat.

Give your androgen receptors a frickin break. Your body in a continual pursuit to balance itself. Gains seem to slow down after a few cycles, and the need to keep upping the dose has more to do with the body attempting to return to homeostasis.

When you drink a cup of coffee every day, then find you need to keep increasing the size to get the same caffeine punch doesn't it make sense to reboot?

You should cruise at a much lower testosterone dose.

Can I recommend 150mg-200mg/week for two months. You will keep most of your gains, it's just harder. Some of it psychological. Blast then cruise at TRT levels.

One gram of testosterone/week for cruising is just way over the top.


Re: Pretzel Logic

Thanks for your input. Interesting on the dht mutant compound.


Re: Reed

Thanks for laying that out. Never used Tren before either. A lot of dudes swear by it. I've heard tren and anadrol can be rougher on the organs. Any suggestions on liver protectants? I tried anadrol several years ago. I remember my weight increasing rapidly, which did not appeal to me when I was in my 20s, so I had stopped using it. Weight gain is not a concern of mine now. I'll deal with it.


Re: Conservative Dog

Maybe I mistyped. When I said 1 cc when cruising, I meant 250mg per week or 1 ml. Yea, I agree - 1000 mg per week of test is a full blown cycle. And yes, I do switch up the routine. After 3 weeks of heavy, I usually go a few weeks at lighter weight for more reps after that stint. Like I said, I'm no bodybuilder so my diet is that of a normal working stiff. If anything, I just make sure I do not over eat. I was 265lbs about 18 months ago. That was after a long layoff from the gym. Since back to training and cycling, the weight just came off. I generally train every other day. Sleep is fine. Dont get me wrong, I'm not embarassed of my strength in the gym. I was just inquiring as to see if there are other compounds stacked with test that may break the plateau I'm at --- for my own personal meathead reasons.


My apologies to those that replied. I do not take a gram of test per week when cruising. I do 250 mg per week or1ml. That was a typo in the opening post. I appreciate all input given.


i think you might need to re-evaluate your training and diet.... if you wanna to bust the plateau, then you need to fine tune that stuff.... AAS obviously helps, but not if your diet and training aren't in line.


Re: cycobushmaster

Yea, I am going to take a closer look at the routine and break the repetitiveness of it. My problem is mostly a tight schedule due to family obligations. I get about an hour to 75 min every other night. I will probably still look to incorporate some of the cycle recommendations from other posters. Thanks for the reply.


Hi Evilpan: I have benched 530 at 225lb's when I was 23,i am now 54 and can bench 275 and that is with some added testrosterone.. One thing about strength,as in powerlifting,it's about quickness/force and speed added by proper technique.A powerlifter is usually able to life substantially more weight than a bodybuilder,but is usually not as asthetrically pleasing.
You have gain a desent level of strength through aas,why not increase what has worked for you in the past,but in regards to upping your B.P. hire a qualified powerlifting coach,as drug's a a poor technique will only give your a Torn Rotator cuff,and a future shoulder replacement. Most people that bench 500,600 are utilizing a superior training strategy and not just the Needle.

truly john


Re: Johnny k53

Thanks for that great reply and advice. I'm sure you are spot on correct. I am usually alone in the gym and I am forced to grab the next available standing around for a spot. Dude, your strength was sick! Thats very respectable BP at that weight you were at. Hell, more than respectable. You've given me more to consider. Thanks again brother.....