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Cycle For Running

Runners cycle hopefully:
Weeks 1-8:
50mg oral winstrol ed
500mg of eq weekly
week 9 50mg nolva ed, 150mg clomid ed
week 10 40mg nolva ed, 100mg clomid ed
week 11 30mg nolva ed, 50mg clomid ed

My question regards HCG. I hear mixed reviews on HCG but the best way it seems to use it is during cycle from about week 3 until the end. So how many IUs should be taken on sat and sun?

Hey Killer,

I don’t see any problems with this cycle. You shouldn’t need HCG during this cycle. You may want to use Nolva or Clomid as PCT, but I personally think that the levels you are using are a little too high. EQ doesn’t aromatize a lot, and the Winny has a mild anti-e effect anyway. You just want the Nolva to help stimulate your natural test production.