Cycle for Powerlifting

Hi all im 24 ,190 lb, % 14-15bf.i hwve been training for 5 years , never missed a workout.I will start a cycle soon.Need your critics.
Cycle Plan 
W 1-10 Test Enth 250mg E3D
W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg EOD (reduce to 0.125mg EOD in last week) 
W 13 Nolva 20mg 2x/d 
W 14-16 Nolva 20mg/d

Planning to do 5x5 for 10 weeks.
In off days i will do ab work , glute training and activation stuff , gripper training and lower trap and rotator cuff stuff.

Planning to do carb cycling (been doing it for a year now.) 3 high , 2moderate and 1low maybe.
My question is :Is carb cycling a good idea or it can lower my gains.BTW I dont want too much bloating and water retention.Another question is can i have more training sessions or is it enough.I m willing to do conditioning or barbell circuits maybe.What will be the upper limit.
Please critisize my plan .thank you.

Is this your first cycle ? it s as basic as it comes, its way too short for enantate and not as effective as it can be. As far as food, carb cycling wont help you with strength (especially on the low days).

Yes its my first cycle .Why do you think its short?
I wont do any low days than .lowest would be 200 gr maybe.

all looks good to me. Carb cycling won’t hinder gains at all as long as you’re doing it properly.


[quote]nj1321 wrote:
Yes its my first cycle .Why do you think its short?
I wont do any low days than .lowest would be 200 gr maybe.[/quote]

Test enantate will take at least 3 weeks to kick in, you ll only have seven weeks of test at a optimal level, at the most!

10 weeks is fine, I usually notice the gains slowing down by then anyway.

Add some dbol or something at the start if you want to put on some quick size

What’s your current best total and strength goals for the cycle?

my total is around 1100 ,with 5x5 im planning to start with %80-90 and continue for 10 weeks.I hope I can keep up with the fast increase of the weights.

Man you do what you want… but I think you should wait till you have a bigger total before using gear. I’m 19 years old and in last march I did a 1250 total @ 177 lbs, which I am satisfied with but I don’t consider this total to be GREAT. So your 1100 total tells us that either your training-diet is not on point OR you are simply not that gifted when it comes to strenght. It’s just my opinion tho… do what you feel is better for you.

A 1100 total after 5 years of training makes me think your training and most likely diet seeing as how your 190 and 15% body fat is off. After 5 years any way. If you had only been training for say a year or two I wouldnt be as suspicious. But im guessing your at about

400 Squat- 2.1 x bw
250 Bench - 1.3 x bw
450 Pull- 2.3 x bw

Personally feel the bench is slightly low to be beginning but I wont judge there as I am the worst bencher in the history of all benchers. I feel you could get stronger for sure with a better program and diet as your is lacking but, without a better explantion of your stats its to hard to just say do this. If you get on ok start test only about 12 weeks out of your next meet and then add in oral 6 weeks out for a added boost. Doesnt get any easier than that.

My total is 150lbs higher after 2 years training at a bodyweight about 8 pounds heavier. Juicing now is kind of pointless. Reed is right, you aren’t programming correctly.