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Cycle for Powerlifting

hey everyone!

i’m a powerlifter and i train according to the methods of
russian coach sheiko.(so far drug free)
i noticed a very strong supercompensation effect when switching from
preparation phase to competition phase(very drastic volume cutting same
even if there’s no meet i still do a competition phase to set PR’s after
1-3 monthes of preparation.
my question is this:
assuming there’s no meet in the near future,
and i want to do a short cycle(4-5 weeks)
should i put the cycle during
the preparation phase right before the comp. phase(where the volume is
highest) and let the compensation happen while on PCT?
or do the cycle in the 4-5 week comp. phase where the volume is lower
and the workouts are relatively easy?(“waisting the gear on easier training”)

i hope this makes sense and hopfully someone who is familiar with both sheiko
and cycles will help or give advice.

thanks a lot

I would change the plan to something more like an 8 week cycle in this instance. Not sure on the exact number, I have read Sheiko articles but have not done that system. At any rate I would to include both those weeks where you feel you are likely to have the most gains – which you say is the comp phase in your case – and where the most help was needed, provided the total time is not excessive. Which 8 weeks certainly would not be.

A longer cycle would be better. Idk what gear your planning on using. But for example test or sustanon (test blend) usually doesnt start having effects until week 4. I would shoot during your heavy lifting gain alot of muscle and since it is your first cycle most of that muscle will stick with a proper PCT. If you take your gear during light lifting you wont gain as much and you will lose more of what was gained.

Listen to Bill. I don’t think in your case it should be a choice of “either/or”. If you use only during the preparation phase, you’ll get a lot of help recovering from the volume work. But then when the competition or peak phase comes you may be suffering from decreased drive or strength from shutdown. This is clearly not conducive to PRs.

On the other hand, if you use only during the competitive phase, you might as you say be wasting gear on an easy training regimen. I don’t know as I’ve never used Sheiko, but unless you’re doing something incredibly intense on the nervous system–like extremely high training percentages or like a Westside circa max phase with lots of band tension–it does indeed seem like a waste.

Think about what you are doing in the competitive phase–you are allowing all that volume to help your system supercompensate. But your training isn’t very hard in and of itself at this point.

So I think a) either do an entire cycle lasting through both prep and comp phases or b) do a series of 2 week cycles with 2 weeks off between them during your entire prep and comp phases, making sure you are “on” when you test for your PRs.

Most of the russian programs are designed to be intergrated with a well planed PED schedule.
I think you should run a 10 week cycle, stop the cycle a couple of weeks after the comp phase. I beleived your body will supercompensate a fair amount after you finish all the high stress training, when you are deloading. At least from my experience.

sample cycle for a middle weight (69-85) male olympic weightlifter

4 weeks prep + 4 weeks comp phase

Week 1-10 Testosterone 300 mg + Drostanolone 300 mg ( Optional )
Week 1-4 Oral Turinabol 20-60mg daily
Week 5-8 Oxandrolone 20-60mg daily

The dosage of injectable is not very high. Sometimes it’s even all oral (masquerading as vitamins lol) . The oral dosage denpend on the reponse of individual athletes. Dbol are sometimes used for those that can tolerate it. Methyltest/Halo during pre comp week. IME test, eq, deca, primo is prety useless for strength gains at moderate doses. They are very good for recovery, hypertrophy, dieting , but for strength they really need to be stacked with a strong oral and/or strong DHT.

thanks. good info and certainely something to think about.

might just wait for a comp and do an 8 weeker…