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Cycle for MMA or Boxing? And PCT Help

Hi i am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am 23 yo. I walk at 165 pounds and fight at 154 in boxing I currently don’t get tested and thinking about running a cycle to help strength, endurance and recovery.
I came to a conclusion to keep thing very low dose perhaps lower than most of you have seen as 1) I don’t want to gain any extra weight 2) this is my first cycle…so after lots of research i decided to go with…
Testosterone E or C at 250 mg
Equipoise at 300 mg
Arimidex ( need help with dosing) and also open to other on cycle options.
Hcg at 300iu a week
What do you guys think of this cycle? I really need help with on cycle and post cycle therapy what should i run pct for and how long? Do i keep running Arimidex? Do i switch it with clomid? I am still young so my pct to me is very impressive (as important as the cycle it self) and to clarify all fighters in my area are on some sort of PED and most fighters are so please no lectures on cheating.

1st, your best bet is to find out what, how much and why the other fighters are running what they are running.

Then bring that info in here and we can help you run that as safe as possible.

TRT and DHTs

EQ for endurance isnt a bad choice. For strength I think Masteron is a pretty good choice. Primo too.

Start at 0.25mg twice a week. With those doses you really shouldnt need much at all but you will want some.

Read the stickies but I am pretty sure this should be saved for PCT.

PCT: Nolvadex 20mg ED for 4 weeks starting 2-3 Weeks after your last pin. Maybe wait a bit longer to start PCT for the EQ. Once again stickies, google and hopefully somebody with more experience will chime in.

Thank you for your input!! I have notice that most fighters including low dose T and some dht derivative for strength or eq.
Since its my first cycle do you think this following protocol is good? For strength, endurance, recovery
Week 1-12Testosterone 250 mg with aromasin 5mg EOD
Week 1-12 Equipoise 400 mg
Will this cause any water retention? Should i add something else for an extra kick?

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SPECULATION: For your goals and body size that looks like a solid cycle. With those doses that should be the right amount of aromasin as well. If your joints get dry feeling and you are constantly fatigued lower the Aromasin dose. If you are feeling watery, bloated and constantly fatigued increase the aromasin dose.

Acne, irritability and craving chocolate/sweets are other decent markers for elevated estro levels (at least for me). Puffy nipples are actually not that reliable (once again for me).

I say for me because every body is different.

I would not add anything else in. 1st cycles should be as simple as possible.

I do think Masteron would be a better choice but saving it for a later cycle will be fun too. EQ wins at conditioning but Mast will win at strength and not gaining weight. Of course diet will have everything to say about weight gain though.