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Cycle for growth

I was thinking about the following cycle:

14 days of MAG-10 and M

followed by:

14 days of Alpha Male and M.

Is this the best cycle?

Lets say I would go on a zig zag diet. Bulk one day, cut the next. Would it be possible to do the following cycle then:

Mag-10 and M for bulking days.
Red Bands and M for cutting days.

Would this be a good idea?

What if you would bulk up for 14 days on MAG-10 and M and then cut your calories by 500 and do some HIIT training 3-4 times a week while supplementing with Red Bands and M.

Would this be a good idea?

Honestly, in my opinion…no.

After the Mag-10, one would need to do Tribex/M or Alpha Male/M and keep calories the same, albeit maybe more F and less C, or even bump them up slightly to do the following:

1)Help hold onto gains achieved with Mag-10

2)Correct any possible suppression caused by Mag-10- will probably be minimal, but that depends on the individual.

Jumping into a cut cycle immediately after a 14 day bulk is, in my opinion, ridiculous. Not only is 14 days a really short bulk, but cutting immediately afterwards is a good way to lose any gains you do get.

You’re gonna be in a slightly suppressed state not conducive to muscle gains right after the Mag-10. The purpose of the Alpha Male or Tribex and M is to get your hormonal environment back up to par so that you are runnin smooth again and to help solidify your gains.

I would bulk with Mag-10 for 14 days, afterwards taking Tribex/M or Alpha Male/M for 14 days while keeping calories same or slightly higher, and then go into a cut.

I just don’t think you’ll gain much with 14 days, and I think you’ll lose it all jumping into a cut.

But you would still take M during the whole cycle instead of just taking it with Tribex/Alpha Male after the MAG 10 cycle?

You could choose to use M during the cycle, but you may not want to. Estrogen is not the total enemy and can actually help to make gains to a point.

So you dont want to totally wipe it out.

So it comes down to your goals and present hormonal balance. Personally on a two week cycle I would hold off and use it only post cycle, or possibly begin a few days before the end for a jump start on the est. supression before adding in the Tribex/Alpha Male. This would be for maximum Mass Gains.That extra water can help to a point.

If you were cutting then adding the M in could reduce the water retention somewhat.

It is just a choice you must make I guess.

Hope this Helps somewhat,