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Cycle for First IFBB Wellness Show, 13 Weeks Out?

Hi, hoping for some advice/suggestions. I’m a 45 y/o female and I’m 13 weeks out from my first IFBB comp, competing in Wellness. I’m currently sitting at 17.6% body fat and I need to get to around 10% by comp. My trainer has me on 1910 calories per day but that will be going down from Monday. I’m currently on a cycle of Stan but I’m looking for suggestions of what to take for best results.

Any help greatly appreciated

Height and weight? Can’t help you with female cycle as its not my forte although I can say those calories seem high even for starting a cut.

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Is this a pro show, or to get a pro card? I like the look of what the wellness competitors are going for.

If you do need to lose 7.6% BF, that is going to be quite a lot, so be prepared for some suffering.

I do agree with Blshaw, we probably need height and weight, or better yet a picture (don’t include anything that gives you away).

I think if stanazolol is working, and not giving you sides, that might be the ticket already. Most will recommend Anavar, but Stan is more powerful, so if no sides, and it was me, I would just continue with that. What dose are you taking? Are you side effect free, or mostly side effect free?

I’d drop calories lower with a GLP-1. Add Clen (20-40mcg) and/or T3(25mcg) since this is for a competition. Keep the Stan or switch to Var just to change things up

Apologies … 167 cm tall and currently sitting at 67.1kg.

Albuterol and caffeine is a clinically proven fat burning combination. Like, actual clinical study evidence explaining the effects and the doses. Anavar is the go-to for female cycles because it’s so mild, especially at the doses used by the fairer sex. It’s good at keeping muscles full while on a cut. But the winstrol should already be doing a good job of muscle sparing for you now. Otherwise it’s going to come down to diet and how much you’re willing to be miserable in those last two weeks. Good luck to you.

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