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Cycle for Fighting In Tested Competitions?

Mma, kickboxing, boxing… all these top level athletes get labelled with the statement “everybody is on steroids” - in what way is this possible? WADA, USADA and other well funded organisations are all over you, they could ban and fine you, heavily. What would the point be?

Hypothetically, what simple compounds and timeframe would be effective and useful enough to ensure that your performance (on the big fight night) will be to its absolute best if using gear.

The fake dick using someone else’s urine is never gonna work, so let’s forget that.

The main question is:

What cycle/compounds would allow me to perform to the best ability (in some form of combat), whilst passing the urine test and get my testosterone ratios back to “normal”? And let’s assume we know the date.

I use steroids for untested powerlifting, I love it. I don’t judge anyone.

Designer drugs, the top guys can pay for PEDs that aren’t on a ban list because USADA has yet to discover them. On top of that, USADA and WADA let athletes have a test:epitest level of up to 1:4, which depending on the size of the athlete means they can use upwards of 300mg a week sometimes of bio identical test. MMA athletes can go virtually undetected using EPO if they microdose. Same with HGH.

Didn’t Mike Tyson do an interview where he said he used a fake penis and his baby’s urine?

i remember seeing an ad for synthetic urine once

I’m fairly certain the main reason for using a steroid cycle for combat sports is during training camp to speed up recovery, lessen the chance of injury and cut fat quicky while packing on lean mass.

For example, Canelo Alvarez was busted for using clenbuterol , he was one of the best at weighing in at the 154lb limit and then coming into the ring 30 hours later at 175lbs. He claimed it was from tainted mexican beef…yeah right.

More recently heavyweight boxing contender Jarell Miller failed a drug test, his third in the last few years, the substances he tested for were , EPO, HGH and GW1516 aka cardarine. Jarrel Miller’s stack seemed to be the best for a fighter as he appeared fat but was able to throw an astonishing 100+ punches a round without tiring while compiling a 22-0 , 21 kos record albeit against limited opposition.

British heavyweight Dillian Whyte tested positive for dbol.

Also, when people think of fighters being vada tested, remember that blood work of this sort is very expensive and only the top fights that are worth a ton of money are going to have that type of testing. Two guys fighting for 2-10k purses, the promoters aren’t going to have the extra money to spend on testing so those guys can juice with impunity.

Hope this helps.


I am interested in this aswell. What steroids is the best ones for fighters and endurance atlethes?

I think your answer is above :wink:

The only steroid they said was testosterone and this does not add so much. I am expecting to hear about other better steroids for this objectives. Maybe some fighters or runners or nba/football players here could answer?

All steroids basically do the same thing. Non bio identical compounds are much easier to get popped for

Re: Alvarez s weight cutting has more to do with water loss during the last 36-48 hours pre-weigh in than any PEDs. fighters an their trainers have weight cutting down to a very fine science.

John Wayne Parr, the Aussie muay Thai and K1 fighter is the best in the world at weight cutting. He has been known to weight in at 72.5 kgs and enter the ring the next day at a rehydrated 86kg which is obviously a huge advantage of your body can handle the electrolyte fluctuations, which some just can’t.

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True, I remember reading about James Toney when he used to fight at 160 and 168 back in the day he said he would stop drinking water for THREE DAYS before a weigh in and just eat small pieces of lettuce, that’s insane. But yeah some guys are able to handle the dehydration better than others. You will notice many fighters look awful the day they weigh in and then great the next day.