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Cycle for Fat Loss and Muscle Rentention


Hello, I’m 5’8 185 lbs around 18% body fat, ive been training for almost 5 years. Experimented with bulking and cutting but have never been able to get body fat below 13% even with reduced calories and cardio. Was wondering if someone could explain a starter cycle for me? Thanks.


You’ll probably get flamed here saying that your diet isnt dialed in, etc. but its your body…

Any cycle needs Test as a base, its awesome at targeting belly fat, stack it with masteron and you will harden those muscles and increase definition. Or you could stack Test and Tren with Anavar as an oral. There are a lot of combos. You need to do your homework and google the various steroids and see what role they serve in a cycle and what the side effects are, etc.

Dont forget estrogen control or all that gear wont mean a thing when youre bloated and have gyno


I’d get your testosterone checked.

You sound exactly like me: For little over a year I struggled with dialing in the perfect diet (for both cutting and bulking) and toyed with cardio (for cutting). Nothing seemed to work like before (16-22 while in Marines). I either lost strength/mass or gained fat in my thighs.

Little did I know, a 294 @ 24 y/o was low, but my doctorsaid it was in range. A 90 @ 28 was even lower. I was always moving forward to go right back to where I started.

TRT, and now B&C, was a godsend in many aspects of life.


Get blood work done and check thyroid, test and E2

If those are in the optimal range there’s no reason you can’t hit 9% if your diet is on point.

Of course you could just start using cytomel, clenbuterol, mast and stana but you will eventually have to come off and what will you have learned about your body?

You’d be surprised what you can achieve when everything is working in sync - blood levels jacked into the stratosphere are not always necessary or sustainable

Depending on your body you might have to get pretty radical with your diet, but the knowledge you gain will be with you forever