Cycle for Enhanced Recovery, Improved Grappling, and Mental Focus

I’m in my 30s
Looking to cycle in order to train grappling more and improve mental focus in career
Currently if I train for extended periods I’m having difficulty recovering and focusing.

Not looking for crazy strength or size gains, a little would be beneficial tho, I’m very wary about my endurance being harmed

Recently had bloodwork done I’m producing
At the top of normal range T but my free T is at tbottom normal range due to high SHBG - I’m guessing due to training hard and stress. Have improved carb intake and sleep since and feel better for it.

I have weight training, diet, sleep etc locked down, low body fat probably around the 10percent mark and I’m definitely stronger than most grapplers my size, endurance is my weak point

Id also like to keep the cycles minimalist so i can understand how my body reacts to compounds to plan future cycles

So to be clear goals are:
Enhanced recovery from gruelling workouts where I will be developing skills and increasing endurance, in order to train more frequently

Better mental focus/drive in work over the next few months

Im planning a 2 week test p only cycle
Just to dip my toes in the water and see how I react, of 250mg per week administered daily.
Taking 3 weeks off without pct and getting bloodwork done to see how I recovered. Will have clomed and arimidex on hand just incase. This short cycle also makes sense as i wont be training much over christmas.

Then based on how that went doing a longer cycle (not long probably 8 to 12 weeks) again low dose test (cypionate this timr) with additional EQ or tbol, and pct of clomid.

Questions are-
do you think these cycles will work well with my goals?

Bareing in mind one of the benefits will be using anabolics to lower SHBG would it be better to administer test p once every 2 days?

Is 250 a good place to start- ive seen endurance athleates say after 200 fitness suffers but then ive also seen posts promoting 400 for mma athleates to benefit from strength (baring in mjnd increased strength isnt a primary goal for me)

Thanks- feel free to comment any other info you think id benefit on but please take into regard my goals when giving advise

This is a cycle known colloquially as ‘full retard’.
Two weeks of testosterone will add absolutely nothing but water and glycogen, which will make your training worse. You will get zero additional recovery from two weeks of testosterone. Gene transcription takes time. This is—genuinely—the worst plan I’ve ever seen, and that includes the shit I’ve seen on Reddit.

Absolutely not. You will do significantly more harm than good.

No. Ester length will have some impact on SHBG, but the trade off will not be worth it in the slightest.

No. You’re already at the top end of natural total testosterone and 250 is slightly above a trt dose. You won’t get much more out of it than you’re getting from your own natural production right now. If you had very low test then you’d notice 250.


Yeh the cycle length is my main concern, maybe it would be better to just dive into an 8 weeker with full pct-
Doing a search on the forum theres plenty of posts about eficacy of 2 week cycles, this is what i wasnt sure of tho, i saw some papers showing increases in athletic performance starting within the first week of taking test p, do you have any research or good articles i can dive into around wheb the effects kick in?

Ive seen a video where someone was saying he sees reductions in shbg with his clients when test is over 200. Also I found a papers showing test at 200mg lowers SHBG significantly in people with high shbg.

So if I have slightly higher test (probably much higher as my test wouldnt be dropping by increased exercise) and lower shbg i should feel it? The paper was fairly old tho so maybe someone has more recent knowledge around this or research around this?

There is absolutely a placebo effect that’s prevalent in steroid users. Aside from that there is almost no way that gene transcription would take place and cause immediate and noticeable effects in the way you want them to. If the argument was that you wanted to use oral steroids for short bursts in high doses for strength gains then yes, that’s documented and proven. But testosterone is not magical and a low dose for two weeks will not increase your work capacity beyond what it already is. If it does then that tells you that you’re not working hard enough now because a placebo essentially made you perform better.

I’m certain that’s true. All steroids lower SHBG. Mine plummeted when I started trt. But at that point it matters a lot less because you control how much testosterone you’re using. Naturals who want lower SHBG want that because they cannot control their test levels. It’s entirely endogenous and thus they’re stuck with whatever they have. Once you start injecting you have a ton of control over what your levels are.

I’ll file that into the placebo folder as well. Guys give out feelz reports all the time and it’s always in the first few weeks. I went from pretty low to above range on trt and I didn’t notice anything until maybe week five or six. And what I noticed was subtle. Now I’m a very observant guy who notices everything, especially when it’s in my own body. If what I noticed was mild then I have to assume that either A) lots of guys are Sherlock Holmes level observant, or B) lots of guys feel what they expect to feel.

I hasten to even suggest this because it’s so far outside of my normal routine, but you would probably be better off just taking proviron solo at like 25mg/d. It has been shown not to be suppressive to natural testosterone levels at doses up to 50mg/d, but I wouldn’t push it. It will lower SHBG and give you more free t without impacting total t. Given your goal that would be a much better plan than the two week cycles you’re talking about.


I think steroids are not what you are looking for.
Id say - 2-3ius of GH a day is what you want for your goals.
I dont see how steroids, if you dont want to put on muscle, will help with anything much, since your natural levels are good enough.