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Cycle for Endurance

Hello everybody. I am a pro triathlete, looking for a steroid cycle to give me more endurance, energy and definetly not muscle mass (as the extra weight will kill me on the bike and run).

I?ve tried only Oxandrolone in the past (60-80mg/day) and the results were fast and furious , but lasted only about 4 weeks.

I heard about stacking Oxandrolone with Clenbuterol or Winstrol. Any good? Doesn?t Winstrol increase the persons weight?

Does anyone have an idea on how to use EPO? I know this drug is very dangerous so I mihgt watch out.

I appreciate all the help. Tkx

if you use EQ it will increase EPO as a side effect but it will also put on weight.
Halo is good for fast strength and agression effects but it is very liver toxic so you can’t take it for very long (some will take it just prior to competing).
Var is prob the best choice for strength without weight gain.
Otherwise I would just go with a lower dose of test.

What would you consider a low dose of Test? What kind of test? Thanks bro