Cycle for Best Strength Gains?

Hey guys, so I recently made a shift in life and I’m taking a step back from combat sports. My next goal is to step on the platform. So what is a great Cycle for strength gains? I’ve never really worked out for just pure strength before because of fighting or cycled like that for that matter
I normally stay on a bit lower dose of test and another compound for normally like 20 weeks. I personally like long cycles. My go to cycle lately has been:
Test e - 400mg/week
Eq - 400mg/week
My last cycle though was:
Test prop 100mg/eod
Mast 100mg/eod
Anavar 40mg/ed

Any input for a strength cycle would be appreciated, now that I’m not really worried about staying in a weight class I cant finally really eat and grow

First you should do a strength program for about three months unenhanced. Otherwise you’re going to hop on a new cycle, feel strong as Hell, and end up injuring yourself because you’re not used to a new program and new goals.

After that I’d say a test/tren/anavar or test/nandrolone/anavar cycle would yield solid strength gains. You could do test/nand/mast for the first 14 weeks and then add anavar for the last six and really maximize your time.

So I shouldve said that. I am on a strength program now and have been for a few months. Tren is gonna be a huge no go for me for sure as I’m still gonna do bjj and muay thai for my cardio and because it’s been my life for the last 10 years lol.

Kind of figured you’d already started a new program, but I’d have been remiss if I didn’t throw that initial disclaimer up there.

If tren is a no-go (and I cannot imagine using it myself) then you could probably have nice results with test/npp/mast over a longer cycle. Something like 500/300/300 or some such combination should yield very respectable results in strength and some additional size.

Hahaha I get it, some people dont lol. What is the difference in NPP and Deca? It seems everything I’ve seen always includes deca. Is it that good for strength?

Is this for Powerlifting specifically?

Short ester nandrolone. Kicks in and clears much faster than deca. Usually it’s run for shorter cycles but it can be run for longer if that’s the goal.

For the most part yes. But as stated above, I’m still gonna train so tren is a big no for me. I just want to compete honestly and do decent. Im tired of being in a deficit all the time so I can make 185. I want to lift and eat and not worry about getting big

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