Cycle for Alpha Male?

I posted this in the “Over 35 Lifter” but didn’t get any responses. Hopefully this is a more appropriate forum for my question.

I’ve been using Alpha Male for 5 weeks now. I use the 5 days on, 2 days off schedule.

My lifts have increased, although I haven’t done any follow-up blood work.

Should you cycle Alpha Male other than the 5/2 schedule described above? For example, do it for 10 weeks and then take 2 weeks off?

Thanks for your thoughts.

If you are going to run with Alpha Male for an extended time frame what is generally recommended is twelve weeks of continued use followed by at least two weeks off if you plan on resuming use again.

I just finished a bottle of Alpha Male and am going to hit Carbolin 19 alone for a bottle and then hit either Alpha Male or HOT-ROX Extreme after that. That way I am continually taking Carbolin 19 for an extended time in one form or another.

From my understanding of it the longer you are on Carbolin 19 the better the results are.

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The 5 days on, 2 days off schedule can be used up to 12 weeks, at which point a 2 week break is recommended.

Thanks for the replies.