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Cycle for A Deeper Voice?


I’m looking for what cycle I could run that could have the side effect of dropping my voice. I’m a transman, on 100mg/week of Test C, for 1.5 years now. My T levels are within normal male range. I will be on test C for life, since I can’t make my own testosterone.

The problem I am having is that my voice was very femme to begin with and it still hasn’t dropped very much. I still get called ma’am on the phone…

I’ve read that tren is necessary to drop the voice, and that’s the best option? What other options do I have to drop my voice?

I’m already pretty happy with my other progress, my body shape and definition is better than 90% of photos of other transmen I see.

I don’t want to overdo anything because I still want to look fairly natural…of course no one complains about getting a bit fitter and looking better, but I just don’t want to do anything extreme.

I’m just tired of being stuck with a voice that’s still higher than many women’s.

Is there something low dose that will drop my voice?

Dihydrotestosterone, any strong androgen. While voice depth is genetically predetermined to some extent, with the XX chromosome, excess androgen will further virilise you to some extent.

Be sure you know the long term risks though. If you’re looking to keep the “natural” look, I assume meaning no excessive muscular hypertrophy/3d capped cannonball delts/exploding traps and ridiculously attentuated secondary sexual bodily characteristics, you’d want to employ an androgen deactivated by the 3-HSD in skeletal muscle tissue, so mesterolone, dihydrotestosterone, methyldihydrotestosterone all come to mind.

Keep an eye on lipids, BP and other cardiovascular risk factors.