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Cycle for a College Football Player


Putting together a cycle for a tight end college football player. GH is out of the question. Also no tren since it kills endurance. Looking to enhance size and conditioning. Lets say there won't be drug testing for at least 5 or 6 months. Was thinking test, winny and something else. Would test prop still be the best test to use in this situation?

Stats are 6'4", 245lbs.


I would use test prop yes, adex as an AI


How does a test prop, var, winny, and adex cycle sound.


EPO would be the best substance you could use to improve endurance.


Personally I would not use Winni period just to many neg sides compared to the benefits especially for a performance athlete. But Test Prop and some A Bombs would do you pretty well I think.

Test Prop: 75-100mg Daily for 6-8 weeks.
A Bombs: 100mg Daily for 4-6 weeks.

Standard PCT and etc...


Thanks for the input

I'd expect to blow up like a water ballon on drol which sounds like it would slow me down but I guess with an ai it wouldn't be a problem. I was looking to run like three compounds. Does prop tbol anadrol sound like overkill?


I suggested drol because ot doesn't bloat me as bad as most other orals. But, should be able to control it pretty easily with a AI. I dont suggest stacking a whole bunch of orals just harsh on your liver and no point. Honestly if you wanna stack something else I would do another injectable. Probably EQ if I was you I noticed a distinct stamina increase and vascularity. How ever if you go this route I would push the cycle out to a minimum of 10 weeks.

Also just a side note Tren Ace has not hurt my stamina to bad how ever I'm not a endurance athlete but, I'm sure the endurance could easily be maintained if you were working at it and also drugs like T3 at a low dose have been successfully used to keep stamina high while on it. Just a suggestion to research.


Well a football player isn't much of an endurance athlete. Mostly explosiveness. Don't need to be able to run 10 miles but can't be winded after an our of running drills. I was probably going to take t3 but I couldn't find anything about it combating tren killing your endurance. EQ in my opinion is a waste of money. I'd have to run it for a long time to notice the effects but I might go with it if there's no better option. Your right about running two orals just thought tbol is mild so it would be as toxic as others.


i would take test prop..injectable winny...and maybe halotestin!(but for few weeks coz is super toxic)



Yea it is just a different kind of stamina... I am working on getting my conditioning up as well because our coach likes to run a lot of no-huddle and I'm gassed at the end of a long drive...


Halo is really just for strength and I think the test should give me enough so id be looking at winny or anadrol I've heard people recommend winny but If it really fucks with your joints I don't see why. Was also looking to add another injectable but besides tren which could potentially kill stamina and eq which takes too long to feel the effects, there's nothing else that comes to mind.


Winni dries you out seriously I have seen a number of injuries on very healthy athletes mainly wrestlers while using winni especially shoulders for what ever reason. When you limit your self to a short cycle and time frame you kinda limit your options but none the less Test P and Abombs would be a nice cycle and meet your requirements


So I guess ill be running test prop , drol, and maybe t3. Would it be worth it to throw in masteron for performance purposes?


t3? what the fuck?


Ha meant to say clen.


Bump for any other input.


Why don't you just run the prop? Why bother with the drol and why the fuck the clen? Doing drills in pads, in the heat, on clen sounds horrible. Not to mention dangerous.


Some of these suggestions are retarded. He's not trying to BB. Winny is stupid unless you're competing, it'll fuck up your joints. No point in clen/t3 he didn't say trying to lose weight. Why not run test or tren or both + an oral (tbol, dbol or abombs). Once you're off the tren your endurance should come back anyway and hopefully you'll have kept the muscle mass. EQ is good for endurance but it'd prob be in your system too long so that's probably not an option.


Sorry for my stupidity. But what are a-bombs?