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Cycle Feedback


Hi everyone,

As a few of you may already know I run one large cycle a year purely for my personal pleasure. I'm posting the stack for your critical appraisal. Currently I'm 260 with a BF that is currently 11% (thanks to a cycle of Var over the New Year). I'm training for strength not size, so my training is going to be focusing on core exercises, 4 times a week (I also include a lot of wrist/forearm exercises, as I do a lot of Martial Arts)

Diet wise, I'm trying CT's Carb Cycling Codex. I feel I need more structure to my diet and his seemed the most sensible nutritional advice I've read in a while.

My cycle is as follows:


[u]Wk 1-4[/u] Test Prop 100mg ED
[u]Wk 1-4[/u] Anadrol 100mg ED
[u]Wk 1-4[/u] Winstrol 50mg ED
[u]Wk 1-14[/u] Test Enan 600mg / wk
[u]Wk 1-14[/u] EQ 400mg / wk
[u]Wk 8-14[/u] OT 40mg ED
[u]Wk 14-16[/u] Test Prop 100mg ED
[u]Wk 14-16[/u] Masteron 100mg ED

[u]PCT (16-22)[/u]

[u]Wk 16-22[/u] Nolvadex 20mg/ED (40mg for first week dropping to 20mg for next 5 weeks)
[u]Wk 16-20[/u] Aromasin 25mg ED.
[u]Wk 16-19[/u] HCG 500iu ED
[u]Wk 16-19[/u] Vitamin E 1000iu ED

I've also got A'Dex (30ml@1mg/ml) for during the cycle. I'll take it if needed.

I've been really curious about Anthony's PCT regime for a while now, and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Feel free to comment/criticise/flame.



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Tone!You got it going on with this one.The pct is also solid.Ahhhhhhh,people that have brains.Thank you tone for bringing knowledge to the table.I might get your op on my next one.Seems like you got your chemistry down.

Enjoy the fruits of good study,


You mentioned that to me in one of your PMs. I'll make the adjustment.


I can't take all the credit on this one Bis. Bushy and I knocked our heads together over a serious amount of PMs to fine tune this cycle. Two heads are better than one.

Bis, when are you thinking of doing your next cycle?


Looks awfully fun to me! The only thing I would say that looks scary to me is the 100mg of anadrol ed. Even at 4 weeks, everything I have read about that stuff is harsh. Maybe 50mg ed? Anywho, keep us posted with your progress. Any chance of pics?



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Since the Adrol is only being used for the first 4 weeks it's liver toxicity problems will hopefully be minimised. This will be monitored by my periodic liver function tests. I've already started my liver protection regime to try and offset any toxicity issues. I have A-dex which I will use if any gyno appears. I also have Inderal to hand in case BP becomes an issue, but at these levels I don't forsee any problems

I'm well aware of the side associated with Adrol, but I feel that it is one ofthe best AASs to kick start a cycle.


I'll keep a log (I promise I'll keep it short) and try to post my blood work (if my doctor allows me the results). I'll post some pics as soon as I get my camera back (it's on loan to a friend).



Your on the right track untill you decided to use hcg. It's absolutely not needed, as you could just run your prop and masteron for those 3 additional weeks, and recover quite nicely.

But once again you guys are listening to someone who has an english degree. Well I'll give him an A for creative writing, that's about it.

And if you think that Vitamen E is going to help you recover your wasting your money.


anadrol at 100mged and winni at 50mg ed. that is alot of stress on the liver don't you think?


i like the cycle a lot.....somewhat similar to what i'll be running in the spring.

only problem i see is the HCG protocol. 500 IU ED for 4 weeks is a risky undertaking. IMO, if your dead set on using HCG, a weekend protocol during the cycle with 250 IU is the way to go. but opinions vary.

like has been mentioned....i'd run the prop/mast a couple weeks longer.

good luck bro.


Thanks for pointing out my typo. It should have read Wk 16-19 for the HCG. Here's the adjusted cycle


Wk 1-4 Test Prop 100mg ED
Wk 1-4 Anadrol 100mg ED
Wk 1-4 Winstrol 50mg ED
Wk 1-14 Test Enan 600mg / wk
Wk 1-14 EQ 400mg / wk
Wk 8-14 OT 40mg ED
Wk 14-17 Test Prop 100mg ED
Wk 14-17 Masteron 100mg ED

[u]PCT (Wk 17-22)[/u]

Wk 17-22 Nolvadex 20mg/ED (40mg for first week dropping to 20mg for next 5 weeks)
Wk 17-20 Aromasin 25mg ED.
Wk 17-19 HCG 500iu ED
Wk 17-19 Vitamin E 1000iu ED

I've also got A'Dex (30ml@1mg/ml) for during the cycle. I'll take it if needed.

The Nolva should also help block the HCG from down regulating the Leydig cell. The aromasin will help with the estrogen. I also like the idea of the vitamin E (which I realise that P-22 doesn't) after reading the following paper "Effect of vitamin E on function of pituitary-gonadal axis in male rats and human subjects" at the Uni Library (try explaining why you want a paper on Endrocrinology when you lecture in music!!!). Although the experiment used rats I think it's safe to assume that the same would apply to humans.

I can understand why people find the AR PCT alarming, but to me tapering without the use of weekly blood test seems just as mad to me. This PCT just seems synergistic to me, but obviously the results produced will speak for themselves. I'm more than happy to keep a log of what effects it has on my body, whither it's positive or negative.



I've taken this into condsideration and limited it to four weeks. I've already started my liver health protocol which contains milk thistle, dandelion, burdock, PPC, vitamin B-complex, NAC and Taurine. I hope to some extent that this will help limit any hepa-toxicity, plus my second liver function test will be carried out by my doc in week 2. If this shows any problems I'll reduce the A-drol.

I'm getting liver function tests at before the cycle (for a baseline), week 2, week 9 and week 16. I'm still trying to convince my doctor to give me the actual test results so that I can publish them online for you guys (in my experience UK GPs are happy to tell you the results, but are not so forthcoming with the documentation)



Blood tests came back normal, which is good so the cycle started today. I'll try and keep you guys up to date with the tests. As predicted my doc wouldn't give me a copy of the test results (I would have liked to have posted them). No reason, just a flat refusal. Weird!


Good Luck Tone! Keep us posted.



Week One

Apart from my bad glute injection (see http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=984749 for the full horror!) my first week on has been good. The start of a cycle for me usually involves a lot of sleeping, and this cycle is no exception. I can't seem to sleep enough this week. My strength is down compared to last week, but again this is something I find quite common at the start of a cycle. I'm expecting to see a big change in the gym by next week.

Again I'll keep you guys up to date.



[u]Week Two[/u]

Well the A-drol/Winny combo, coupled with the Test Prop is a fantastic way to kickstart a cycle, so much so that colleagues at work atcually commented on the gains I'd made (it's normally hard to notice gains on a guy who's already 260lbs). Excellent strength increases, especially in squats and deadlifts. My energy levels are superb, so much so that I'm actually having to stop myslef over-training in the gym.

I had my liver tested at the end of week two. As predicted the A-drol is working my liver harder, but my doc stated that it was well within working norms, even though my stats are elevated.

No major sides to report, apart from increased libido, which is a major problem as my wife is working away at the moment.

I can't wait until the Test Enan and EQ kick in!!!


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Yeah, definitely. I've been really impressed with the A-drol/Winny combo. Excellent results without that heavy feeling you sometimes get if you gain too much too quickly. It has smoothed out my muscles a little, but that's only to be expected with the water retention.