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Cycle Feedback!

Hi, I am not really new here. I have been coming here for quit sometime just never posted be for. I must say I really like this site. lot of very knowledgeable bros here . OK here’s some back ground info. I am 29 5’9" 215lb body fat is unknown just a tad more then i would like. I have been lifting since high school. My last cycle was about 5 years ago.

I am thinking of running 2 cycles I have all the stuff i will need I am just winding how some of you might stacking these compounds to get the most out of them. My goal is to put on about 15-20lbs while not putting on to much fat. I do have to worry about testing for AAS.

This is what i have on hand
Test en 40ml 250mg
Dbol 200tabs 5mg ech
anavar 200caps 20mg ech
O/T 200caps 10mg ech
Nov 200caps 20mg ech
clomid 150 caps 50mgech
liqued clen 30ml 400mcg

any feed back would be great. Do have a good idea But would like the opoin of more seasoned vet. Thanks yok

Hay You might want to tell us how you are thinking of running it. then I am sure these guy would me more the willing to help you out I am even sure Raul or un will tose is 2cents in. If nothing else it will be worth a good laugh.

It I would say you have more the enought to run 2 cycels.
This is one of the cycles someone on here gave I think it was juicn I have not yet ran it waiting till i lose this last 5lbs befor i start. Good luckJust listen to juice and run this it looks great

weeks 1: 1 g test E
weeks 2-8: 500 mg Test E
weeks 1-4: 30 mg D-bol ED
weeks 7-12: var or OT (pick only one…IMO, the var) 40 mg ED
if you wanted you could tose the clen in towards the end.
week 13: 100 mg clomid ED
weeks 14-15: 50 mg clomid ED

thanks for the props rosebud…but to be fair and honest…there are other very knowledgeable bros on here…and others with way more experience. you should always get as many opinions and suggestions as possible. i tend to be a minimalist when it comes to designing cycles, since i like the “keep it simple stupid” principle.

anyways, for the original poster. post a structured cycle (AAS, duration, dosages)complete with PCT plans. make sure you understand clearance times for PCT aswell. thats the first step, post what you think will work, and others will help you tweak it.

What kind of gains could be maid from that cycle?

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bushy is right about there being many factors that contribute to cycle success…that being said, i think you would do very well on that cycle or i wouldn’t have suggested it.

I was just wondering but since you asked

Cal 4000-4500 shoouting for the high side of that

Protein no less the 300g perday

I lift 4-5x week and run 4 miles 3xweek not by choice

Sleep 8-9 hours

Job Army

Personality Highly motivated and out

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