Cycle Feedback

Hi all,
looking to start a halodrol clone. Oral tren only cycle in the next few months depending on my schedule. I got a bottle of" helladrol" which i have heard is legit.
Planning on doing 50/50/75/75/75 mg ed with Cycle Support, milk thistle, hawthorn berry.
Followed by 3 weeks to a month depending on how i feel of otc pct including:
Inhibit E
PCT Assist
Blue Up.

I could get nolva if anyone thinks its def neccesary but i have read a lot saying that its not really needed and have seen an article that mentions a possible correlation between nolva/clomid and prostate cancer.

I am 25. 5’11" 200lb. Bench 255 for70. Squat 315 for 8.

Looking to add some clean muscle that i can keep.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Should say 7. Not 70 above.
I guess for a month its not as much of a risk.


[quote]jvm123 wrote:
I could get nolva if anyone thinks its def neccesary but i have read a lot saying that its not really needed and have seen an article that mentions a possible correlation between nolva/clomid and prostate cancer.[/quote]

Do you not mean uterine cancer?

No. Prostate. That’s not really what i am looking for feedback on tho. Check out the articleif ur interested.

What article?


Can u critique my cycle? Are you hijacking this post?

No, I’m not hijacking anything, I’m trying to understand the alleged link between Nolva and prostate cancer. The article you linked to says this:

In 1996, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that tamoxifen clearly promotes uterine cancer in humans - at a standard 20mg/day dose. (16,23,42) This is due to tamoxifen acting as an estrogen agonist in the uterus, presumably from the 4-hydroxytamoxifen metabolite, which triggers abnormal growth of the uterus and the formation of cancer causing DNA adducts. (33, 40)

Contrary to popular thought, these implications are quite scary for a male when we realize the male equivalent to the uterus is the prostate - which differentiates from the same embryonic cell line, shares the same oncogene, Bcl-2, and high concentration of estrogen receptors. In fact, there is no reason to assume that tamoxifen would not initiate the same cancerous growth in the prostate. (60-62) It is no wonder that tamoxifen failed as a treatment for prostate carcinoma.[/quote]

Anyway, my concern here is that you are ditching a proper PCT over an unsubstantiated claim.

Yeah. I am asking advice because i have read arguments for both with this type of steroid. Id rather be safe than sorry. Any personal experience?

I doubt anyone here has personal experience of prostate or uterine cancer that would be attributable to a SERM, if that is what you mean.

In terms of a correlation to prostate cancer, my first reaction is that it is highly unlikely. The Endocrinologist brings up some interesting research, and some interesting points. However, his views are highly slanted. He seems outraged that a cancer drug has toxic effects, while it prolongs the life of patients. I can only imagine his take on chemotherapy!

The truth is that long-term studies HAVE been conducted on humans, one of which used clomiphene on men continuously for a year without many observed health effects.

While you are listening to this single Endocrinologist’s radical opinion on SERMS, I would bet that you would fully ignore everything he would say about prohormones impact on health.

In terms of SERMS in general, they are important for PCT for many reasons, which are well elucidated in many, many posts both here and elsewhere, and do not need to be repeated in this thread. In fact, a PCT protocol was developed by a team of ENDOCRINOLOGISTS using two different SERMs for recovery.

In terms of you particular situation, if I remember correctly (and please someone correct me if I’m wrong), the original halodrol was a PH for Oral Turinabol. OT is not generally recognized to produce highly estrogenic side affects, making use of SERMS or AIs on cycle less important, but the use of SERMs post cycle is often still recommended due to their affect of increasing activation of the HPTA (some, however, feel this unnecessary, using the logic that since SERMs work via decreasing the inhibitory affects of estrogen on the HPTA, and since OT and similar AAS do not cause an overt excess of estrogen, that this would not in fact help them recover).

My take is that, since even under normal physiological conditions with normal estrogen levels SERMS have been shown to increase function of the HPTA, and being that Clomiphene in particular increase HDL that can be negatively affected via AAS use, one would do well to use such a SERM post cycle.

Ok. It seems i should get some nolvadex. Maybe do light dosing in addition to the otc products i list in my first post?

I didn’t mean experience with prostate cancer, i just meant with this particular steroid. Thanks for your reply. You seem knowledgeable about the topic. I appreciate it.

The “otc products” are all but useless.

Wish i ddnt waste my money now. Ill prob take them since i already have them and throw in 10 mg nolva for a month pct on top. That sound ok?

not really. but you already have your mind made up. why do you keep asking us

I havnt made up my mind.

Nobody has really recommended what the best thing would be so i was just making a suggestion and asking if it seemed good.

What would you do with that product. Is the dosing ok? What is the perfect PCT for that?


Nolva 40/40/20/20


Thanks man. Exactly the type of response i was looking for. Appreciate it.

Definetly use Nolva. I am a believer in a couple of days (at the beginning) of 40mgs nolvadex per day, but after that just use 20mgs a day. The over the counter stuff works fine (generally speaking) for boosting your test levels naturally (a little bit) if you ARE NOT trying to recover from a PH or steroid cycle, but for PCT from PH’s or steroids there is no substitute for a test taper, nolva or clomid; besides just coming off ‘cold turkey’ and seeing how long it takes for your body to normalize on its own.