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Cycle Experience First/Biggest/Best

Primo and pharma grade HGH is expensive for sure!! Good Var is not cheap either.

Very true. Do you think it was worth the extra cost for pharma? Worth the extra cost to run primo / HGH (the more expensive compounds)?

This is my first time with primo and HGH so really hard to comment on quality of HGH(pharma vs. UGL). What I will say is that so far i’m 5.5 weeks in and loving this cycle. I’ve gained only a couple pounds so far eating around maintinance and it’s def good weight. Looking tighter in the mirror. This cycle was a planned cut but is turning into a recomp. I’ve found I just can’t cut with anything but TRT doses of test and maybe some anavar. Any time I add other stuff in I just grow.
Love the tbol as well. No water and def a nice strength increase. Hit a new PR for reps on the bench yesterday. Thinking I will hit my 1RM on bench PR within the next couple weeks. Was planning for it by the end of the year and haven’t even tried in a while but i’ll take it!!!

This has been my experience with it. Only limited experience. I’ll run it for at least 4 weeks at some point.