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Cycle Experience First/Biggest/Best

What have you tried.

What was your first blast?

What was your highest mg blast?

What got you the beast results?

I’ll start…

TRT=200mg TestC E5D

First, biggest and best.

That is a hefty dose for TRT. I am on 200 mg per week (split MWF).

First blast was 325 mg test E for 13 weeks, 50 mg of anavar for the last 6 weeks.

Biggest, 2nd, and best was 600 mg/wk of test E for 14 weeks. I was going to run it longer and add Tbol for the end, but the gym closed down.

IMO, the first did not do much because it was only slightly more than my TRT. The 2nd was better, but I should have dieted down a bit more first so I would not be hesitant to eat more. I used it as a bit of a recomp, which worked, and I am currently using the recomp muscle to hit the best PRs I have done at a lower body weight.

My next blast, I am going to try to start it lean. It may just be Test and Tbol. Thinking of trying EQ, but so many mixed reviews on that one.


Despite my hair being loyal, I have fear of losing it (so primo scares me). I can actually get primo somewhat affordably too (could run 16 weeks at 600 mg/wk for under $500).

The ideal blast (if you don’t have any hair worries) is like Test, Primo, GH and Tbol (or Var depending on preference). Add in Mast for a raging libido. Your lipids would be trash too I guess.

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Best was trt @ 200/w. Put on 45lbs in 18 months. After that it’s been a process of trying to add a little muscle and subtract a little fat.

Highest mg blast was just test 500 and epistane 40/d. It was fine.

Best results have been test at 0, MENT at 5mg/d. Made six months worth of progress in about 10 weeks.

First blast/cycle: 500mg test with a Dbol kicker (yes, I know :roll_eyes:)

Highest mg & best results: 500mg test, 300mg EQ, 200mg Tren E. Felt like a god, gained 15 lbs without even trying while staying fairly lean. Downside was the sweating and too high libido.

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Do you like eq in general? I’m thinking about giving it a run, but lots of mixed reviews.

I’ve tried test, dbol, tbol, anavar, tren, masteron, primo, proviron, deca and HGH.
First blast was test at 500/wk and dbol at 50mg/day for the first 5 weeks.
Highest MG blast is the one i’m currently on.
400/wk test
400/wk deca
600/wk primo
50mg/day proviron
36mg/wk HGH
60mg/day tbol for first 4 weeks
60mg/day anavar for last 4 weeks
I’m curently finishing my 4th week on this cycle and so far this has been the best to date. No sides. Feel strong in the gym. Weight is staying pretty consistant but looking better and better in the mirror.
Very pleased so far. This may be my go to cycle going forward.


If I remember you logged your ment experience. Can you link it if you have a minute. I am able to get my hands on some for later this year but have no experience with it. Would like to learn a bit more before pulling the trigger.

I need to update it, but was waiting for my blood work to come back (hopefully next Wednesday).

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Thanks. Just went back and reread it. MENT seems fantastic. Look forward to your blood results if you post them and more updates on how its going. The only issue I have currently is I would have to order from overseas. I hate ordering like that. I’ve been spoiled with a great domestic source.

I’ve seen a few domestic labs selling it but none of them have testing to show the dose is accurate. The two I’ve seen that I trust have a good reputation, but I’d still rather brew my own. For something long term like a trt protocol I need to know there isn’t any error and I trust my math more than I trust a source’s.

Yes. I think a lot of the negative reviews come from people who either expect too much too soon, or don’t get sides. Some people want drugs to act quickly and blow them up with water like dbol and deca. Others want to “feel” them: aka, have side effects because they think that means it’s working.

For me EQ at 300mg/week coupled with testosterone is/was side effect free with a slow, steady gain of lean muscle tissue. It is, so far, my favorite for a long term blast addition to test. Then again I’m not trying to get ginormous; just bigger and leaner.

Note: I did/do front load EQ at a double dose (600mg/week) for the first two weeks.

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I’m going to start a test 400, EQ 400 cycle this spring. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Curious about cost… what’s the most you’ve spent on compounds for a cycle, including any AI and PCT…?

On TRT so no PCT. Didn’t need an AI or Nolva, and have just run a Test and Var and a Test cycle.

The first cycle 13 weeks of 325 mg/wk test and last 7 weeks of 50 mg of var was like $140 total, but I had some Var left over.

The second was 14 weeks of 600 mg Test (new lower cost source), that cost a bit under $70. I was going to add in Tbol, but Covid hit. Adding the Tbol would have added another $42 dollars to do 40 mg/day for 7 weeks. Oh, I almost forgot, I did run about $70 dollars worth of MK-677. The MK was the most expensive part and probably the least effective.

My blasts are likely less expensive than almost everyone though. The first go around my gear was standard price, but I didn’t use much. The second go around I did a standard first cycle, but with a very cost friendly source.

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$800 for pharmacy direct anavar from my clinic :joy:.

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Primo, test, deca, tbol, anavar, HGH, ,proviron, aromasin $3,015 for 12 week cycle

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Holy shit bro! That is some serious coin for a 12 week cycle.