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Cycle During Quarantine?

Hey all,

I still have 5 bottles of tren ace and test prop hanging around and with NYS not expected to open until 5/15 at the earliest, do you think it would be a waste to use it in the meantime? It would strictly be for body recomp purposes. All I have access to is bodyweight workouts, bands, and rucksack marches for conditioning.

In a few months, I plan to switch over to a Test/NPP/Dbol cycle.


Save it. I stopped my primo blast the day the gyms closed here because there’s just no way I was going to be able to make the most of it. Unless you have a full home gym it’s just hard to justify running anything right now. Think of it this way: any time you spend on gear and quarantined is time you can’t spend on gear out of quarantine. You can’t just permablast because for eight weeks we were locked inside. The rules about responsible use still apply, irrespective of the conditions of the world.

I would save it, using it now you will not get near the full potential benefits you would if you had access to a real gym with more machines and weights.

I held off for a bit, but after some consideration Ive decided to go ahead with mine, granted i have a pretty well equipped home gym. As this quarantine thing could go on for months or even a year it would just be too much wasted time where I could grow and improve.

The guys are right bro… Its a waste of good gear and time… Plus do you really want to be stuck at home all juiced up? Also really no way to know how the Rona reacts to yur system if you catch it on gear… Ive done Tren Ace Test Prop cycle a few times it hits yur lungs kinda hard…Great cutting cycle & you do get gainz but with no gym and Rona out there seems like big risk for shit gainz at best… Might just consider running 200-300 prop per week and working on cardio funtctional stuff like crossfit… I had to build a home gym from Home Depot shit and made weights out concrete… Everything was closed or out online… All gym crap on FB & craigslist got sold… I built a squat rack with pull up bar and scored a bar… Then got a tractor tire and some heavy shit from junkyard… I call it Thunder Gym I do full body M-W-F and functional circuit stuff T-TH-SA but if it rains I do Yoga or some shit in basement… Go for runs, ride bike, hill sprints… Ladder speed drills. Feel strong and athletic… But Gainz nah…That shit aint happening till u can hit gym and juice…Just get lean naty or trt dose…Thats really all u can do unless u have bad ass home gym

Thank you, sir. That’s the way I was leaning anyway. I’m just itching to get back on a cycle and make some more gains.

Halfway through the summer, I’m going to switch to my old standby of Test, Deca and frontload with Dbol. That’s always a good time for solid mass building.

I pretty much do the same shit… Tren Ace, Prop, Var in the spring then Test NPP Tbol in winter… I orderd sust 350 when quarunteen hit…for just a half cc its a trt dose good value for apocolypse till house of gainz opens…Then hit the juice… Fuckin sux ass had a bargain basement deal for cabo in June got cancled… Was gonna cycle get cut AF then party in cabo for a week… Now doing crossfit shit and fitness videos in my GFs basement… If I was juicing Id kill everyone by now… Only thing keeping me sane is pornhub and PS4