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Cycle Duration and PCT Questions

i got 10ml test E-250mgs/ml, and 10ml’s-100mgs/ml finaplix now the question is how long cycle should i run 10 weeks? and should i frontload…and how much nolva and hcg do i need, and should i take the hcg (250 iu) once a week during the cycle

once again thanks for the advice

First off you are going to need more of both compounds. Ten weeks is fine but shoot the test at 500mg/week. The tren should be shot 50mg/day. If this is your first cycle I would hold off on the tren altogether. Nolv should be ran 2 weeks after last test injection. 40/40/20/20. Or you could look into a test taper. HCG may not be needed but if you do run it 250iu 2x a week during cycle. My .02.

I picked up a kilo of blow and a wack of herion… i was just wondering if i should do them seperate, mix them altogether or just take them rectally?

I didnt really… however if that was my objective i’d likely do a bit of research on them. 2thepain gave good advice, but how do you know that if you havent put any time/effort into learning about the hormones yourself?