Cycle Dosages-Bodybuilding

Hi everyone ! I just looking to start a new cycle ! Bulking cycle and joint relief bc last year i get some tendinitis and pains on my toes and now i want to use someting like test cyp with deca or susta with deca ? Any opinions and What dosages ! Thanks a lot

Nobody is going to coach you on PED use here. At least nobody I would listen to. We don’t know anything about you but even if you laid out your age, height, weight, lift stats, and provided pics… you would still need to layout your own cycle and ask for critiques.

Also for the love of god stop calling Nandrolone “deca”.


why is that? nandrolone DECAnoate and DECA durabolin, are just as similar as test cyp and sustanon… some differences on paper here or there but i dont think its worth even mentioning.

Deca Durabolin is the brand name thats no longer around, not for a long time. Decanoate is an ester not a drug. I think its silly but you could say the same thing about masteron and a few others since those are technically brand names.

yea but when people say Deca they thing the drug, and no matter if its Deca or Nandrolone DECAnoate, they just use 4 letters. Just like all testosterone and mixes are “test”.
Why does that bother you? Its the same drug anyways.

I think its stupid. Thats why. Kind of how you think running 300mg of Test is stupid. Just an opinion.


Cant argue with that, yea.