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Cycle Didn't Work. Body Type, Receptors, Immune System?

hi guys I have some doughts on why gear hasn’t worked on me ! Well sort of
I’ve been training for 5 years now , the past 3 years more knowledgable on the diet side !
My body type is endo : put on mass and fat fast really hard to loose fat and keep mass , after reaching a point in wish I couldn’t nail a diet to lean and maintain some mass naturally I hired a trainer , and got on gear this was my first full cycle , I had taken Winstrol-V when younger had no clue what I was doing !

Gear : test 500(250e250c) eq 200, tren e 200
Dosage: front load 1000mg test , 600,tren 600eq
1-7 week 500mg test , 200mg tren e , 200mg eq
No results diet on point , fasted cardio on t3 and Clen
7-13 wk 800 test , 400 tren , 400 eq , no more cardio !

Got no results , slight testicle shrinkage , I was tould could be my genes , my immune system is fighting it , or Bunk gear , I’ve been of for 4 weeks strength is the same is like I never took anything currently taking tribulus , I would like to hear some honest opinions after all my goal is to step on stage and keep growing ! Thanks !

Steroids work your gear was bunk

probably a combination of poor gear, diet and training.

This is why your gear didn’t work.