Cycle Critiscim: Test Prop and Anavar

Hi guys, this is not my first cycle i am running, ive got a some expierence under my belt, i would appreciate it if i could get some feedback on the compounds i plan to run.
My current stats…
Weight-235 pounds
Bodyfat- 13-14%
Measurments… Arms-18.75 inches
Shoulder spread-51 inches
Calves- 18 inches
Chest- 44 inches
forearms- 12.5 inches
Quads- 29 inches
I am planning to compete in npc pittsburgh bodybuilding shows this spring coming up, i just came off a short cycle of dbol and test e.
cycle stats- Test e 400 mg weeks 1-4…500 mg weeks 5,6,7…400 mg weeks 8,9
Dbol 50 mg a day for weeks 1-5…divided into split doses of 25 mg.

I am looking at running a cycle this novemember to put the icing on the cake for my show. I am planning on running test prop, and anavar to put some solid gains on that i can keep for my show…i dont plan on running anything again until after the show this spring. I want to run test prop for the first 4 weeks (300 mg a week…3 shots) and anavar for weeks 1-8 from 50-80 mg a day.
PCT- clomid and nolva split…Clomid for 21 days after 3-5 days from last oral…200 day 1…100 mg next 10 days…50 next ten days…with the nolva split.
Please if you can take the time to critique my cycle i would greatly appreciate it
Thank you for reading my post, i apprciate the feedback!

Why not test prop all the way through? If you were only gonna do 4 weeks of test prop I would increase the dose

I live in the dorms at college and dont wana get caught with syringes in the buildings. The 4 weeks im runninig i will be home and i dont have to worry about getting caught with them. I would love to run it the full 8 weeks. I did it before with tren ace and saw monster results.

If it was me I would up the dose, 75mg ED or 150-175mg EOD

Sounds good brother…thank you for the feedback!..Hows the body stats looking?

I would probably even cut the var to 4 weeks as well if your only gonna do 4 weeks of test

Which in my opinion isnt optimal, I would run 8 weeks of each,