Cycle Critique

Hey guys,
With the summer coming up I definitely want to be cut up, but I also need another 15 lbs or so to be where I want to be. I did a bulking cycle at the end of the winter with the hope I would be big enough to start cutting starting May and be right where I want, but I ended up hurting my back and didn’t add as much size as I wanted. So now I have to start a cycle that will add enough size yet still get me cut be the end of June (big trip I need to look great for). Gonna be hard to achieve both of these.

Here’s what I’m thinking of:

weeks 1-8
test 1000mg/wk
EQ (hopefully prop ester) 600mg/wk

weeks 1-4
D-bol 35mg/day

weeks 4-8
tren 100 mg/day

weeks 6-8
winstrol 50mg/day

Arimidex throughout.
Hot-Rox throughout.
HCG 500mg sat/sun throughout.
Clomid/Hot-Rox/red kat PCT

My goal with this cycle is to start with a test/eq base, put on some quick mass with the d-bol first four weeks, then replace with tren for its hardening characteristics. Throw in some winny the last 2 weeks to really cut up right before my trip.

The upside is I don’t need to be scary cut. Just going for ~220lbs with visible ab defintion, but nothing too extreme.

I’m 6’0, 208lbs, ~10-12% bf right now coming off of my injury. I have about a month before I want ot start this cycle so I hope to put on a good 5 or more lbs naturally before I start.

What do you guys think?

Hey Bro-

If you want to try a good cycle and spend considerably less money see my D-Bol/Test/Tren Acetate stack that I put on the Tren for 8 weeks thread on 4/9/2004. I had great gains with this stack. I personally think that you are using way too much gear in your future cycle

The Scorp

Here is what I would recommend if you are willing to try it.

Weeks 1-8:

D-Bol @ 40(1),40(2),40(3),40(4),30(5),25(6),20(7),15(8) Five days a week only!

Test @ 250 for 10 weeks (along w/D-Bol)

Weeks 9-14:
Tren acetate @ 40mg/every 3rd day(Mon & Fri)(Start the Tren when you finish the D/Bol)
I used Arimidex eod @ .25 mg througout entire cycle.
You will not have to worry about your boys not being functional since the Enanthate will stay active for 4-5 weeks after the last shot.
Be sure sure to use a Liver Detoxifier throught your cycle. It helps for sure.

Post Cycle: 40mg of Nolvadex for 2 weeks, 20mg of Nolvadex for 4 weeks.

Personally, I experienced great gains in every workout in the gym while on this cycle. I started the cycle with a weight of 207 @ 14%bdyfat and ended up with a weight of 233 @ 10%bdyfat. I consider that to be pretty damn good. Keep your diet respectable while on this particular cycle and you should feel and look great at the end of it.

Thanks scorp,
Anyone else?

Well, I don’t know what your previous androgen use has been.

If you’ve been working your way up to these dosages over previous cycles, then I think your cycle is fine! Seems well thought out.

But if this is one of your first cycles, I second Scorps suggestions - this is too much gear.

I’ve done 4 cycles with <1000mg of gear and gained 30lbs of muscle - you don’t need a massive amount of gear to get huge gains at first. For my 5th cycle, I’m finally thinking about going above a gram of gear…

A have a few cycles under my belt and have worked up to these dosages. This is the most I’ve ever done though. One thing I am considering is replacing the D-Bol with Anadrol, but opinion’s on A-Drol or so varied. Some people say that A-Drol is the most potent mass building drug there is and claim D-Bol will only add water mass. Other’s say D-Dbol is just as strong as A-Drol but with no progesterone sides. I see that Bill Roberts suggests D-Bol when stacked with aromatizing steriods. Really I want to go with D-Bol, but I believe the A-Drol I have to be of a much higher quality than the D-Bol I have (RSOC Drol vs. IP D-Bol). Any opinions?

You can expect to easily reach these goals if your diet and training are sufficient. I’ve done cycles that heavy in the past. You’ll always grow if you eat right.
Do you need to do that much. I doubt it. But whether your doing 800 or 1g of test a week isn’t that big of difference. The eq dosage is perfect and switching to tren and winny is exactly what i am planning. I think you’ll like your cycle. For me its more of a maintenance thing rather then a growing thing. So for now smaller (lower dosages) are in order.
The RSOC anadrol from reports kicks butt. One guy over at meso said he started taking it by itself and in 5 days put on 6 lbs. and he wasn’t a noobie either.

so agree with not doing test and anadrol at the same time. Another thing to consider is that Anadrol increases hematocrit and so does equipoise and dbol (usually not to the extent of anadrol d/t lower dose)
Definitely don’t do eq and anadrol as this could be dangerous -(primo and anadrol would be a better choice). Also begin the winstrol at week 5. I think an on’t do eq and anadrol as this could be dangerous -(primo and anadrol would be a better choice). Also begin the winstrol at week 5. I think an
5{trol would give you more time to diures water , and harden up, two weeks in my opinon is just not enough time. P-22

No I wasn’t suggesting that he switch the dbol to anadrol. I’ve never used anadrol and therefore would never give advice regarding it. If I WAS going to use it I would use it with primo, or maybe winny, even though they are both 17aa or just take it by itself. But I’ve never been one for fast blow up gains therefore have never really been tempted to use anadrol. Well I am now because I was comped some but thats beside the point.
Dbol is plenty core for me in that regards. Even that I can’t stand taking it more then about 4 weeks.

The above post is NOT how I wrote it! Computer gliche?

Key points were:

don’t do anadrol with equipoise - both cause dangerous increases in RBCs

do the winstrol for the final 3 weeks, as 2 weeks will not be enough time

I was going to make a suggestion regarding the D-bol and Anadrol. I just came off a bulking cycle using A-bombs for the first 3 weeks, then switching over to D-bol for the other 6 weeks. It was the first time I ever did Anadrol, and I can honestly say, it was one of the best cycles I EVER did. P-22 is right about the hair loss. It was my biggest fear when using the A-bombs. Unless it runs in your family, you have no worries about looking like a bowling ball.

As for your cycle, I say scrap the Anadrol and stick with your D-bol. I even think you are using too much test, not because of the potency, other drugs you’re stacking it with, or your experience, but because of the water and fat retention. If you are looking to cut up for the summer, drop your test to a lower dosage.

I’m with Scorp on this one for your test… 250mg per week is fine. I’d focus more on your Tren-Dbol-Winny to achieve those quality 15 pounds you are looking for. Good luck.

Amen MassN…A-bombs=bowling ball(LOL). Unfortunately, even if alopecia does not run in your family the A-bombs will kill the hair follicle. Keep an eye on your bath tub floor if you decide to use the A-bombs. Be careful with the hair dryer for it will blow the dying hair out too. Keep some tissues handy. I think the consensus here is to stick with the D-Bol. I think that you have been given some pretty sound advice on this topic.

The Scorp