cycle critique

sup bros, see what u think of my winter mass cycle comin up this dec and tell me if u would do anything different

enanthate-1g run for 8wks, dbol-40mg ED for first 4wks, deca-500mg run for 8wks, tren-80mg ED after dbol till the end of the 8wks, ndex-30mg ED run for 8wks, clomid-run as ancillary

now I know a bunch of bros on this board despise deca, I myself do not like it for some reasons such as deca dick but stacked with test shouldnt be a prob, I choose to use it instead of eq because of the mass and strength gains compared to the eq, and the adex I would rather take is harder to get ahold of than the ndex, and wasnt plannin on a frtload because I figure the dbol will provide enough of a jumpstart…but besides that any feed back…thanks

honestly i dont see the need for the deca at all. just run the tren all 8 weeks. everything else looks fine. 30mgs/ed of nolva may be a bit high. typical is 20mgs/ed in divided doses but you will have to see what works for you.

I too don’t see the need to run Deca. Test/tren/d-bol makes one of the best stacks available today and why risk it with Deca?

this deca shit is pissing me off. No need for
it. It is not worth it. Limp dickkkkkkkkkk is
not fun.

Yes, you guys are on it!!! First of all you wouldn’t stack Tren with Deca anyhow. Secondly, Deca does not provide more mass and strength than EQ. Sorry. The guys beat me to it. Test/tren/dbol. You WON’T need anything else if you know to train and eat right on this cycle. Best mass cycle to date.