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Cycle Critique


whats up everyone i'm new to the board but have been training for a long time i want to go over my next planned cycle and get some input

1-16 test prop 600mg week ed shots except sundays
1-14 eq 600mg week same as above
1-4 dbol 25 mg ed
1-4 50mg proviron ed
4-16 25mg proviron ed
8-14 tren ace 200mg a week (anymore than that and i get hammered with acne)
8-14 caber .5 mon-fri
17-18 dbol 15mg in week 17 then 20mg in week 18
hgh is being run through as well i'm on now at 1 iu ed of nipertropin plan on bumping it up to 2-3iu will be running it through pct as well and probably a month or two after 9 months total
3-17 350IU hcg mon-fri
pct 19-24 nolva 20/20/20/20/10/10
aromasin 10/10/10/10/5
igf 1lr3 50mcg pwo 4 weeks

as far as an ai i'm getting gyno surgery on oct4 and dont want to go back under the knife $4000 for surgery is a hurt peice already so i need to know whats my best plan of attack i was planning an alternative cycle that much shorter if u think its wiser but i'm looking to pack on quality lbm as i'm planning on competing i'm 5'6 175lbs 6% bf looking to get up in weight class a bit also my next cycle isnt until december and my alternative cycle is
1-8 prop 600mg week
1-6 tren 200mg week
3-9 dbol 15-20 mg week (pink thai's snake and arrow MY FAVORITE)
1-9 proviron 25mg ed
but would also need ai info and dosing as well cause i'm paranoid and dont want to overkill


what the fuck are you trying to do

testosterone 500mg - 1 gram


I would lower the test, increase the tren and dbol

Something like this..

weeks 1-8
test prop 100mg Each week with ED pins
tren ace 500mg each week with ED pins

weeks 1-6
dbol 50mg ED

adex .5mg EOD

caber .5mg 2x a week

pct 3 days after last shot nolva 40/40/20/20


anime can u explain ur statement cause if u think 600mg test a week is insane i would love to know why also i'm only intrested in the questions that i asked really dont need the dumb ass coments from ya


also 1000mg-1gram u dumb ass


mr.walkway tren shuts me down to hard to run pct 3 days after last shot i like to run test at higher doses to keep my wife happy. plus test is a feel good aas i would never dose it below tren cause i run into side effects from tren at higher doses low doses are good for me plus i find it easier to recover better when i run test or dbol 1-2 weeks after last tren injection