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Cycle Critique(s) Needed

I’ve got two freinds, lets call them bob and ben, who were both supplied steroids by the same person, I’m no expert by any means, but I’ve read a lot on this website, and these cycles dont look like anything you lot prescribe. I 've tried to tell bob and ben, so if I put these cycles on the site, can you let them know what you think please? then they might see sense.
bob, 25yrs old 11 stone, 6ft
6 week course
week 1: 50mg deca tues, 50mg deca fri
20mg dianabol ed
weeks 2-6 100mg deca tues, 100mg deca fri, 20 mg dianabol ed
no clomid or nolvadex/tamoxifen

ben 18years old
18 stone, about 5.7ft
12 weeks on, 4 weeks off, ongoing (started at 16 years old on steroids, been on this cycle since 17 yrs old)
sustanon 250,1 gram per week (eod)
50 mg tren ed
30mg dianabol ed
insulin ed (i’m not sure the amount)

I’ve seen cycles similar to bens be ‘approved’ on this site, but its his age which worries me,so, guys, does this supplier know what hes on about? all answers appriciated…

holy fuck! please bitch slap these two upside the head!

“bob’s” cycle …cycle length is too short for deca, and the dosage is way too low. where’s the test? waste of time and money. and if my UK conversions are correct, bob is 6 ft @ a whopping 155 pounds!? heres some advice for “bob”: lift, eat, rest, eat some more…repeat.

as for “ben” at 18 years old, the only thing he should be cycling is food with more food.

thats my 2 cc’s.

Starting steroids at 16! What the hell!

I’m not an expert but I know your body’s a bonified monster garage of muscle building at that age. If they’d just eat right and lift heavy, then they would have probably obtained the same results. I’m not an advocate of steroid usage until at least 5-10yrs of diet and lifting experience have been accumulated.

Hmm no Anti-E during cycles, very low doses, and no PCT. Sounds like a great way to head for a fall.