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Cycle Critique Please

I wanted to get some good feedback on this cycle that I have in the works. I baught this gear before I found out about this forum and im sure it wont be the choice of gear for most of you. I did want to try to make this work, get some decent size and strength with safety (gyno prevention) a key factor. I will only be using this gear if I can get my current gyno symptoms to subside (those details in my other posted topic)
I have:
20ml of deca
20ml of sustanon 250
50 25mg d-bol pills
letro, nolvadex and clomid.

thinking of this…
week 1-8 350 mg of sustanon (broken up into 2 injections EW)
week 1-8 200 mg of deca
week 1-8 1mg of letro ED
week 9-12 Taper on Sustanon only. w9 250mg, w10 150mg, w11 100mg, w12 50mg.
week 9-10 .5mg of letro ED
week 10-14 25mg of nolvadex ED
week 12-14 50 mg of clomid ED

Im 5’10 235.lbs, 18%bf (working on that). Training solid for 7 months and on and off for 3 years.

I hope to get some advice from experienced users, hopefully some that have tried sustanon 250.


your not going to get a good response on sustanon i am currently taking eod shots of it and i think it is great my stregth is equal to enanthate (which i ran out of so i switched) if you don’t do eod shots your going to be on a roller coaster ride.

if i were you try to get my hands on about 10ml more and run half a cc eod that’s 500 a week and you will love it! i have done enanthate, propionate, supertest, and sustanon and the bottom line is test is test all that matters is the half life. sus is a little tricky because of the prop in the ester mix but eod shots take care of that. alot of people are about to tell you to flush it and haven’t even tried it they will say it’s garbage bla bla bla. but you have to expieriment yourself to find out sure. i see you have dbol tabs but they are not listed in your cycle if i were you i would take 30 mg a day for the first 4 weeks

sustanon is good bro for sure.

maybe someone else can help but from what i know sustanon has some seriously long esters in the mix and drop of acordingly so i think tapering might be a bad idea with sustanon i would just start pct 1 week after last injection.

thanks for the input, so dont even use the deca? What do you think about using the letro during cycle? I did plan on dividing my weekly dose into 2 injections a week. You mention eod , which if my calender is right then that means at least 3 shots a week?

no definetly keep the deca personlly i would up that to 300 a week also if i were you i would forget that callender it will mess with your head for instance you do half a c on monday then another on wednesday then another on friday then another on sunday but you also did one on the monday right?

but it’s still 500 a week. (you can also mix your sus with your deca to reduce the number of shots) this kind of mutation happens with prop and sustanon and tren because of the eod just remember to rotate sites (glutes, quades, delts) forget about the callender and do every other day when i do enanthate i do every 3 day’s one shot on monday then thursday then sunday etc…

defintly keep the letro especially if your prone to gyno i use arimidex but letro is supposidly better i personaly don’t use an anti e until my nipples get puffy or something and sustanon is going to create more estrogen fluctuations the a single ester so defintly keep it.

The only thing I would really change would be your taper off.

Keep your dosage at 100mg for the taper for the first 4-6 weeks (while the deca clears) and then taper it down from there. Always keep your tapering dose at 100mg or less. The transistion from above that amount (of what you were using weekly on cycle) is self-tapered by the long chained esters attatched to your steroids.