Cycle critique/Help

I am currently on 1st week of 6week cycle.
All opinions are welcome.

Week 1-3
500mgs EQ/week (frontload 1000mgs)
250mgs Sust/week
50mgs Dianabol/day
20mgs Nolvadex/day
HCG 2500 Saturday & Sunday/week

Week 4-6
250mgs Sust/week
50mgs Dianabol/day
100mgs Clomid/day
50mgs winstrol/day (depot)
HCG 2500 Saturday & Sunday/week

Weeks 7-9-PCT
HCG 2500 3xweek(Monday/Wednsday/Saturday)
100mgs clomid/day

Week 10-12
100mgs clomid/day.

Take in consideration that the point it’s to do a very safe cycle, due to past hard recover experiences.



I would only start the HCG after your third week. I would also have frontloaded the sust, bump the sust to 500mg per week. I sugguest running the EQ @ 400mg till week 6 and dropping the dbol at week 4 and picking up the winny after week 4 @ 75mg ED. It wouldn’t hurt to run the cycle for 8 weeks either.

There was just a similar post to your cycle. You may want to check that out. “Give in to the darkside!”


Nice cycle. I’m glad to see you are dropping the EQ a few weeks before you finish up. As Tommy said, I’d extend it to 8 weeks. In your 4th week, don’t do the Dbol and Winny together, do either or. I would also extend the Dbol/Winny 2 weeks past your last shot of Sustanon so blood levels of both chemicals will drop at somewhat near the same time…

…oh, and don’t drop your Sustanon to 250mg/week, keep it the same throughout. Recovery isn’t based on how MUCH drugs you’re taking, but more on how LONG you have been taking them. Good luck.

do a search for the hcg thread dstarted by ru12nvme! actually he spelled it hgc lol.

I’ve been investigating more about hcg, and i agree with you tommy2tone. Perhaps i should use only after the 3rd week, in smaller doses (1000iu Saturday and Sunday)untill the end of the cycle.

I would apreciate more info, should i in fact consider not use hcg at all???

I’ve had hard recover experiences in the past, thats why i considered this time to use Hcg. Is it a good idea???

Please help me on this issue.

And yes Massnutrition, i will use 500mgs week of sustenon

Theres two schools of thought on HCG, however the one that has worked well for me is similar to what you’re doing. Take 250-500iu every saturday and sunday starting in the third week, then continue that protocol through to the end of your cycle. HCG shouldn’t be used post cycle (according to this method) because it causes your body to become desensitized to LH, which will actually further supression, not help remedy it. The point of using HCG during cycle is that it should prevent testicular atrophy, thereby making recovery easier.

i am assuming you did not run hcg in your prior cycles. that could account for some of the “recovery issues”. that being said, the following is exactly how you should use hcg to prevent testicular atrophy. at week 3 begin hcg injections at 250i.u’s E3D. run that protocol until cycles end. stop the hcg and wait 2 weeks to begin clomid/nolva therapy. i would be willing to bet you will have a better time recovering this time. good to see you around p-dog, whats been going on bro?