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Cycle Critique....Bushboy?


OK, I'm planning a 12 week cycle:

Weeks 1-8: 50mgs/day BD's Turnabol
Weeks 1-10: 500mg Deca (BD's Decabol 250)
Weeks 1-12: 1000mg Test Cyp (BD)
Weeks 1-12: 20mg Nolva/ED

PCT-Start week 14
Week 14: 100mg/ED Clomid
Weeks 15-17: 50mg/ED Clomid

Would you change anything?


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Thanx Bushy!

But, my problem is is that I already bought the clomid so I would like to use it. I do have however 24 .5mgs of a-dex left from over the summer and 16 20mg tabs of nolva. How can I incorperate them if you think I need to??

Should I continue to run the nolva for those 2 off weeks prior to starting my pct? and then use the clomid and adex for my pct? Or should I stay off of everything after my last shot of test and then start my pct with the nolva, adex and clomid?


I'm not Bushido but here's my idea. I'm unlcear if it's what your suggesting but do not run the nolva in the two weeks before you start your pct. That would be a waste. You could run your clomid for say two weeks then to cut down on the side (if you get them, and I DO) switch to nolva for either a lil under a week at 40 mgs ed or for a lil under 2 weeks at 20 mgs a day (which I think is to low a dose so might not be a good idea). If you had more nolva you could alternate between 2 weeks clomid/2 week nolva until you finished your pct. MikeKatz seems to like this style and I've also used it before and liked it. Although anymore I just don't use clomid AT all, for the same reasons Bush mentioned.

Btw, nolva is pretty damn cheap bro like 20mg/60 ml for 30 bucks.


Well Since I'm running nolva throughout the cycle I have about 16 left over, plus I have 24 .5mg a-dex left over from a previous cycle. I already bought the clomid so I want to use it. I was just wondering how to incorperate all that into my pct.

I wasn't going to run the nolva those 2 weeks but since I was running it throughout I just made a suggestion. I'd figured it would be safer than to just go off of everything for those 2 weeks without any AI's or AE's...


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i would adjust pct as well.

also consider after the oral use begin implementing milk thistle/nac to help your liver recover. as well as begin using something to reduce cholesterol during pct, policosanol, etc.

2g vit c during pct will help with 800mg of phostadiyl serine to suppress the estrogen rebound.