Cycle Critique After 10 Years of Training

Hey guys,

Been a T-nation member since 5 yrs haven’t been an active poster though but i’ve been doing alot of reading & research here & other forums to design my first cycle. Im almost 29 with 10 yrs of experience under my belt (Bodybuilding & Powerlifting). Height 6’4 & current weight around 220 pounds after a recent cutting phase. This is what i came up with after what i been reading but i’m open to critique & constructive advice. I know the adviced beginner cycle suggests sticking to Test-E only but i dont know if i’ll do it any more than twice so going to make the most of what is available to me.

Week 1-12 - Test E - 500mg per week
Week 1-10- Equipose - 400mg per week

Week 1-12- Arimidex - .5mg EOD

Week 3-12 hcG - 500IU per week

After 14 days

Week 15-16 Clomid - 50mg ED
Week 17-20 Clomid - 25mg ED

I am very confused about the hcG as everyone has a different opinion about it, Lots of people run it towards the end of their cycle but from what ive read its like Prevention vs Cure when it comes to running during cycle or towards the end. I have all compounds available here in my country with no effort required so that helps alot.

Not sure if this is your first cycle or not and if it is then some people may suggest dropping the EQ… Its not a very strong drug with very little sides, unlike Tren, so keep it in if there are reasons behind wanting to use it… 500mg of Test will be plenty for a first timer if you wanted to just go with one compound though.

Good to see Adex and HCG in play; HCG should be ran 250iu 3x per week after learning about its very short half life. When i first started out I ran it 2x per week with seemingly no real difference however.

Run the Adex through most of PCT with a taper and HCG up until a few days before PCT.

One SERM is good for Pct but most here go with Nolvadex; I think becuase its a newer and stronger drug with less sides.

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Yes it is my 1st cycle indeed, I agree that Nolvadex is the preferred choice now but i was under the impression that Nolvadex works better for countering estrogen sides & clomid is SLIGHTLY better at kickstarting/bringing up the entire ball/tests mechanism.

You’re recommending Adex use through most of the PCT but doesn’t that decrease the efficiency of the SERM & Adex itself if they’re run togather?

Clomid has been around longer so there is more info etc on it and it is often the preferred choice by doctors. Both work well and nolvadex is more effective mg per mg. Main concern with clomid is possible mental sides experienced by many users. Your body recovers naturally with time and the SERM will help it along the way just pick one and run with it.

There is an interaction with nolva and adex whereby when ran together blood concentration levels of the nolva are reduced by something like 15%. This is not significant and won’t have any impact on the efficacy of the PCT.

You have clearly done your homework etc. good luck with the cycle


This is a refreshing thread.

From what I’ve read, EQ seems to be most effective at around 600+mg per week. Also, after reading an article by Bill Roberts there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t frontload the EQ due to it’s long ester. Frontloading is basically taking a really big dose for Week 1.

But as previously posted, you’re going to be fine with that dosage of Test for your first cycle.

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No doubt.

OP I’d really only suggest minor changes:

  1. use arimidex through week 14 and taper down: wk 13 0.25 eod wk 14 0.25 2x-3x a week (e.g. Mon/Thurs or Mon/Wed/Fri)

  2. keep hcg in until end of week 13, start week 14 with last hcg shot

Reasons are basically because you will still have exogenous test above normal in your system on week 13, and also hcg can boost E2 levels slightly as a side effect of your balls starting to make their own test again. hcg is the main reason for wanting arimidex in on week 14 at a low dose. You will essentially be on a high TRT replacement dose equivalent on week 14. Not enough to give problems but enough to boost E2 up to where you probably want a small amount of checks/balances against it.


Thank you pex86, Bravacado & Aragorn for the encouraging words, Each of you’s advice has been very helpful i must say.

Aragorn : I agree, Arimidex should be there as long as one is using hcG (To be on the safer side) Would you recommend using hcG right from week 1 or maybe week 3?

I also read somewhere that people were using HCG from week 4 onwards and others from week 1 with no issues with either method. I have a feeling that you’d also be fine either way. I currently will be doing Week 3 and on only because my shipment was delayed.

That is by no means good solid information, just an opinion. Good luck.

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With a standard length cycle, my personal recommendation would be to start hcg 4 weeks before exogenous test leaves the system and stop a few days to 1 week prior to starting SERM PCT. So, depending on what dose of test, ester etc., could be last week or 4 weeks of cycle.

I don’t know of any research suggesting problems with longer use whatsoever, it’s just what I would personally recommend unless one has aesthetic reasons for wanting to take it throughout (i.e. shrinkage). Really you’re going to get things firing up and working after 4 weeks or so of hcg so I’m not really sure that longer matters on standard cycles besides making the wallet a bit lighter.

Yep, no issues.