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Cycle Critique / Advice


So, my doctor is cool with helping me run as real of a cycle as I can for as long as my labs are ok (he understands cholesterol, etc. will spike) and I’m not in any grave danger.

Weeks 1-4 100mg oral Primo ED
Weeks 1-? (Until last supply runs out) 50mg trest PWO only
Weeks 1-? (most likely not over 6 weeks) 50-75 mg methyl testosterone as it’s free and I’d rather not get bunk dbol that’s actually MT.
Weeks 1-12 500mg test e, split dosing (M/Thu)

Now, should I continue 0.5 mg adex on Mon/Thu (twice weekly) as this puts me at an E2 of 22-28 with 1 injection of 125mg te and 25mg tp, or EOD (as either 0.5 or 0.25mg) as the methyl plus test aromatizes?

Got my first 250mg shot today, and 100mg IM primo, so I think I’ll skip the orals today and continue the following day as I’m dropping the 100mg primo shot during this cycle.

Don’t need PCT; I will roll right back into TRT (125mg te, 25mg tp, 100 mg primo once weekly). I have cycle support supps though.

With diet and consistency in the gym on point, how much LBM should I be looking to pack on?

Edit: Should I extend oral Primo from 4 weeks as it’s not as toxic?


Stats? Age? Weight? Cycle Goals? Cycle experience? Anything else?

Also you have a doctor working with you so that is awesome.

What is your current TRT regime?

Personally I prefer a set number of days between injections but this is probably not a huge deal. Also this 500mg of test is all you will need. I would consider dropping everything else. Especially the MT (which should be cheaper than free because it is both toxic and a side effect machine which offers little actual results.)

As for Arimidex and E levels. It is my understanding that test to estro ratio is more important than actual levels. I am came from TRT at 250mg every 6th day to 250mg every 4th day and have no signs of high E (maybe apathy but I would blame other factors more).

What is this?

With out cycle history and stats tough to even guess. Most people put on 10 pounds of keepable muscle I would say.


29, 180, goal is to increase mass and strength while possibly losing some fat, cycled with orals twice:

  • My first “cycle” (oral only) was 75-100mg 6 week run of h-drol with the finishing week adding in TRT of 125mg testosterone enanthate.
  • The second “cycle” was kinda dumb as it was oral only, but I did get and retain strength. I was taking 75mg MT ED and 50mg trest PWO. The base of this was 125mg testosterone enanthate, 25mg testosterone propionate, and 100mg injectable primobolan IM once weekly.

This is my 3rd cycle, as real as I can get, all pharma grade (besides the remaining trest if I chose to use it PWO).

I have to argue this point. While it did make me explode from bloat, it did help in contributing an increase in both mass and strength.[quote=“BOTSLAYER, post:2, topic:223700”]
What is this?
testosterone propionate

I’ve gained around 10 pounds from my first two oral cycles. Am I going to get even more with this? Only 10 pounds from 500mg test-e solo? I expected a bit more…

I figured I could kickstart the gains with Primo and trest for PWO, as some choose d-bol to do this.


Pharma grade is great. Adding stuff in because you can get it pharma grade or free is not. Prohormones I know very little about (nobody really does and the only people doing research on them are the same people selling them) and I think I know what MT is now (oral tren?) in which case nasty stuff. Correct me if I am wrong but the chemical name is Methyltrienolone?

Your gains will be dictated by your training and mostly your diet. The sky is truly the limit. 10 pounds wasnt a limit it was a semi-educated guess.

I dont see a reason to have the primo at all or continue it. Next to bumping your test from 125 to 500 primo will not be noticed.


No, it’s methyltestosterone or a 17a form of pure testosterone. It used to be prescribed in the US (I don’t think it is anymore) for hypogonadism. I have a prescription for 25mg/day, but, my doc gave me 75mg/day for 4 weeks. MT is supposedly is what would be in bunk d-bol as it’s readily available and cheap in other countries… if you look around, people have gotten this as opposed to d-bol. I’ve never taken d-bol, but can attest to MT working. I just wouldn’t take the stuff like candy without the proper cycle support supplements as throughout my cycle on it, my labs were in check.

I know it’s supposed to be nasty, but, my liver, kidneys, etc. checked out just fine after a 6 week cycle of using it at 75mg ED (along with 50-100 mg trest [a PH])

I thought doing 100mg oral Primo per day, the average amount for this steriod, would give me better results if used in the first 1-4 weeks as some people do kickstart with d-bol or other orals. I have not seen may posts about an oral Primo kickstart… but felt that this one is a tad safer, because unlike d-bol, Primo is not a 17aa. It could be quite possible to run it for the duration of the cycle, but, I’m going to leave it at 4 weeks.

Unrelated question though: is it normal to feel agitated or have restless sleep during a cycle? It was a little harder than normal getting to sleep last night.


agitated yes, roid rage as it is commonly called. Check your E levels, my theory is that Roid Rage should be called Estro rage.

My sleep improved drastically with test.

As for the Primo it wont hurt but if you’ve never ran more than a TRT dose of test you are in for some fun.

And thanks for the MT info. me personally I try to keep my cycles as simple as possible. I also want to keep my organ stress minimal, but I dont have a doctor working with me so enjoy.


Maybe I used the wrong word. My muscles felt “stimulated” – primarily on my legs – throughout the night of my first shot. I will see how tomorrow goes with my 2nd shot.

As far as an AI goes, 0.5 mg adex after a shot of 125mg test-e and 25mg of test-p on a Monday, taken again at 0.5mg on Thursday keeps my E2 in check at the perfect 22 mark for TRT.

Will 0.5mg before my 250mg shot on Monday and 0.5mg before my shot on Thursday suffice?

Or should I do 0.25 or 0.5 EOD despite one day that I have my shot wouldn’t fall on an adex day?

FWIW, I take 10mg Nolva ED so that, in theory, should prevent gyno.