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Cycle comments - please!

Hope you can help.

After many years lifting clean, and a couple of less than sucesfull trips to the “dark side” I’m planning a very moderate cycle of one shot of Sustanon 250 every 5 days plus stanzolol at 25 mg a day for 10 weeks total.I plan to use 25/50 mg of clomid a day for the entire duration of the cycle and continue the clomid for 2 weeks post. I am keeping things simple and low key to avoid blowing up too fast and arousing suspicion at work (The UK military frown on this sort of thing!)

My question is this - as Sustanon is such a long acting blend, does this mean the clomid should continue for longer than 2 weeks post cycle? Is 25 mg clomid suficiant as an anti E or would 50mg a day be a better choice? My main concern is to avoid losing my gains and getting my T levels back up quick

Sincerest thanks for any advice.

i would not run the winstrol for such a long time. you will need to run the clomid for a lot longer than two weeks since the sust will be active for a good 3 weeks. clomid at 25-50mg per day may be enough anti e while on, but personally i wouldnt risk it. i would at least have some nolvadex on hand.

another option that you can use is to do short 2 week cycles if you are concerned about people finding out.


10 weeks is quite a long cycle. Depending on when you stop injecting (some people consider their cycle over the last day of injecting, others when the drug clears) you’ll probably want to continue Clomid for more than 2 weeks post.

Even if you’re only doing 6 weeks of Sus shots so bloodlevels have returned to near-normal by week 10, many people run Clomid 6-8 weeks post (clearing everything).

Personally, I love clomid, but I have found that if I use a different anti-estrogen while on, clomid tends to act better during my post-cycle. This is the reaon why I use nolvadex when I cyle. If you do decide to use clomid for your cycle and post-cycle then you’ll have to up the clomid dosage.

Okay - many thanks for the tips.

P-DOG, you mentioned reducing the length of time on the whinny? Can you elaborate please? Is toxicity a problem? Or down regulation of receptor sites?

You also mentioned short 2 week cycles - have you tried one? And, if it’s okay to ask, what did you use and how did you get on results wise?

yes winstrol is 17-aa thus liver toxic. typical duration is 6 weeks for this reason. i wouldnt be concerned about blowing up on 250mgs of sust a week. i would even suggest bumping that up to at least 500mgs/wk. any hypertrophy can be easily explained away with a bunch of talk about creatine, massive eating, heavy training, protein shakes, and other supps in general.


Studies have shown that Clomid does indeed lose some potency within the body over time. Nolvadex does not.

Thanks Warhorse…I appreciate the comment.

as drago stated winstrol even the injectable form is 17-aa, and therefore can be liver toxic. i have done 1 two week cycle of tren and winny at 75 mgs per day of each. i made some pretty nice gains. it was a short cutter and i actualy gained some lbm while dieting. honestly i would prefer a much longer cycle for my goals. for more info on 2 weekers go to bill robberts’ site:

Thanks hugely - really appreciate your help. It’s given me plenty to think about!

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