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Cycle Coming to an End

Ahhhh, it’s that time again. I have about 4 weeks left of my cycle and here’s what I ran.

200 test/ week 1-12
~400 mast/week 1- 12
150 NPP/week 4-8
25 Proviron/day 1-8
Anavar 40mg/day 8-12

Going to be topping things off with anavar, I know the combos are weird but I was off everything for about 6 months before this and I wanted to try and recomp and it went very well. My goal was to stay around the same weight and get competition lean (physique lean I suppose) In about 8 weeks I’m pretty damn lean and feeling great. NPP helps with the joints and the mast and proviron have kept me feeling mentally phenomenal. My sex drive has come and gone because I’m very lean. If I have a refeed I go balls to the wall.

Anyways, PCT is going to be

HCG 1000iu m/w/f weeks 13-16
Nolvadex 40mg weeks 13-16
clomid 50mg weeks 13-16
weeks 16-18 nolva 20 clomid 25

OFF CYCLE QUESTIONS: I have never really bridged and if I did it was trying silly things like 1-DHEA or ARIMISTANE and I never like the way I feel with those things so I usually last a couple weeks. I love bodybuilding and as I’m getting older I see myself doing this for the rest of my life, possibly competitively. I could confidently compete in physique right now but it’s not my thing. Anyways, my question.

I’m going to take roughly 3 months off gear completely but I had a few ideas in mind and wanted some input.

I wanted to give peptides/gh/insulin a go for my off cycle and try a very basic protocol. Most likely only using 2iu gh, low doses of igf on training days, and slin 4 weeks on 4 weeks off for the 3 months. If anyone has experience let me know I’d love some more ideas.

  • HCG should be ran during cycle @ 250iu 3x per week rather than for PCT.

  • Caber should be used when using Tren/Deca @ 0.25-0.5mg 2x per week to avoid prolactin issues.

  • PCT should be one SERM at a lower dose than you have planned. 20mg Nolvadex for 6-8 weeks fits the bill for most 12 week cycles. Carry on Adex from cycle through PCT with a taper down.

  • I am currently cruising for the first time and I am very pleased, coming from 1g Tren E and 1g Test E pw to 250mg Test E per week, I have actually progressed with a slight tweak in diet and the addition of cardio… Some lifts have gotten better with only a slight drop in strength on the big compounds. I understand the risks but realise my career/physique goals can pretty much only be obtained through fairly heavy steroid use… I highly recomend blasting/cruising to anyone who understands this could be a life long commitment and also have educated themselves on how to correctly use ancillaries like HCG.

  • I am saving Gh and Slin use for when I can afford top quality brands and when I think I deserve to use it… I really dont think it should be used until one is very very lean, very very experienced and has made extremely good progress with hard work and testosterone based cycles. The exception would be using GH for more of a health benefit if you are over the age of 30-35…

  • Many of my local gym rats who have taken the leap with slin are making solid gains on Humalog. This is the fastest acting slin. The protocol of using it with breakfast and pre/post workout and consuming 10g high GI carbs for ever Iu shot is working very well. With experience you can adjust the amount of carbs to suit how your body handles slin as you may experience slight fat gain.

  • After reading reports and from reviews, peptides seem a waste of money unless you can get legit pharma grade… The idea of IGF 1 etc is the reason why GH and Insulin are so anabolic… You would be better off using GH and Slin with a moderate Test based cycle.

  • A beginner cycle with GH and slin could look something like:

  • 6-8iu GH. 3-4iu AM, 3-4iu Pre w/o.

  • 5-15iu Slin. 5iu AM, Pre/Post W/O with 7- 10g carbs per Iu shot.

As stated though; GH would be something I look to do in the future for more Fat loss/Health benifits when I am alot older. Slin would be something I MIGHT do if I really think I have gotten to a level that warrents its use… and don’t forget that shit can kill you.

Thanks for the response. I understand many people use HCG during the end of their cycles and I think I may add it in for the last 3 weeks and carry it on for 3 weeks post cycle along with a SERM. Maybe I’ll do clomid @ 25mg and nolva @ 20 mg.

Can I ask you since you took the route of blast and cruise…

What’s your protocol? One jab a week of test e or two 1/2 ml shots? Also, possible to still have children one day if I blast and cruise? That’s my real only concern with blasting and cruising. I know that little of test is harmless with a perfect diet and supplement protocol to protect everything… Thanks again…If I decide to blast and cruise I will more than likely just throw GH in at 4iu/day just to make more out of my cruise. Anyone else who has blast and cruise depth of knowledge please chime in.

  • Your view on HCG use for PCT and using more than one SERMZ is wrong. You run the risk of desensitization and inhibiting your body to naturaly produce LH in the future. More modern protocols have been discussed thoroughly with scientific evidence to support the use of only 1 SERM following a cycle and at a fairly low dose too… This should be slowly getting rid of the older methods of nolva/clomid at 40/40/20/20 + 50/50/25/25 + HCG style PCT’s!

  • You also run the risks of infertility as soon ss you decide to put one needle in your ass. Everyonr is different. Different people will recover/not recover from various steroid use and abuse. Diet and supplementation is irrelevant. The use of HCG, in my opinion, is probably the most important. I have made my girlfriend pregnant twice recently and zi have been on a 16 week Tren E/Test E cycle followed by my current 14 week Test E cycle… HCG used throughout… And with many of my friends abusing steroids for years ending up with kids I really do think the body can recover in most situations… However, blasting and cruising is obviously increases the risks over cycling and PCTing… I have just chosen this route becuase I really do want to be a freak lol. My diet and training is 100 %, I understand the risks and I am putting 100 % into every aspect…

With that being said, I have actually made progress being on my 250mg per week cruise… My strength on the big compounds has dipped slightly but I am still hitting rep pb’s on most exercises… Deffinitley the way to go if you are serious about progress.

haha, I always like your posts Andy.

Blasting and cruising is the only way to achieve “freak” status, but you have to be sure it’s what you want. A lifetime with the needle, constantly monitoring your hormones, RBC, shit like that. It’s not always an easy thing to do, and of course there are the fertility concerns.

It’s not for me, but I do always think what if? If I get some really bad bloodwork one day and my HPTA is fucked from all the PCTs then I guess I’ll have to.

Haha cheers mate.

For me it all comes down to this; I am happiest when seeing results in the gym and in my physique. I am only young but dedicate so much time and effort with diet and training that it makes sense to use steroids quite heavily… I just would not get where I want to be from a few cycles per year.

I know I wont be a Mr O with my genetics and some arthritis swelling in my knees, but constantly getting bigger, stronger and leaner with more and more attention being paid to organic eating/supplementation is what I enjoy aswell as my business/career choices. My life goals include owning a bodybuilding gym and I am currently doing my personal training courses… With a girlfriend who is equally keen to do the same. My whole lifestyle really allows steroid use to not be an issue.

On the health side of things, well, so many people die every day after living lifes wrapped in cotton wool and being the healthiest they can be, wether it be from cancer or a crash… Im not saying be wreckless but I am saying sometimes you just gotta say fuck the “what if” and just do what makes you happy.

And lastly; So many of my friends have had kids after years of steroid ABUSE and WITHOUT HCG… I have gotten my gf pregnant mid cruise after a tren/test cycle too… Does make me think the body can recover from quite alot.

I think you have the right idea. Your lifestyle is certainly such that being a sidewalk-cracking motherfucker is where you need to be. My goals have always been more modest than achieving freak status. I want folk to look at me and be like “woah, that dude’s in shape” rather than “woah, that dude’s on steroids.” I can do that with a few cycles a year. If I wanted to get way North of 200lbs, then I’d blast and cruise. My skinny-ass genetics would make it a real struggle and I’d be battling sides every day of my life.

haha, this is how I justify recreational drug use and alcohol! Steroids are probably my least harmful vice!

yeah, I know a bunch of people who have knocked up their mrs on heavy cycles lasting years, but I just can’t justify it in my mind. My mrs wants kids really soon, and I couldn’t live with myself if I couldn’t give them to her. Once we’ve had a couple of kids though I’ll be B&Cing like fuck! Haha.

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