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Cycle Coming to an End

Ok guys so i am about to finish my first cycle, and oohhh boy how i loved it. I did a ten week cycle of 500mg wk test-e and 300mg deca. Let me tell you i was skeptical at first but th dark side feels.

                      Great i started off at 230 and am now 260 with not much fat gain at all. Ok so i have a few questions. First of all will coming off be as bad as ive heard, frankly im  scared shitless i dont want to go from superman to Lois Lane. Any wise words to cheer me up would be good.               

Also the guy ive been talking to told me to do a three week stasis period then 20mg of nolvadex a day, just wondering how this sounds and how long i should do it for.

One last question im all done with college and am going home but home is across th country and i already have gear for another cycle, in the future so i was wondering if i could ship it, if so how is the best way or should i just drive back wich will cost much more and really dont want to do. So Thank you guys for your wisdom and in a few weeks i will post my before and after pics. Like i said before the darkside feels great.

Well, I would suggest reading the “Test Taper” thread stickied at the top of this forum. I assume since your ‘advisor’ recommended a 3 week stasis then you are considering the taper. It’s generally recommended for a 10-12 week cycle to do a 4 week stasis at 100 mg /week, then taper down for 4 weeks.


Week 1-4 100 mg /week test in 2 doses (ie M/Thrs, whatever)
week 5 80 mg /week
week 6 60
week 7 40
week 8 20 mg/week
week 9 DONE

But I am not an expert on the taper, and the stickied thread lays it out pretty well. Lots of guys here have used it with pretty good results I think.

Expect lots of water loss, btw. It might be psychologically shocking, but you might be holding quite a bit of water, so don’t freak when you start shrinking too much. Even if you hold water ‘well’.

no he told me to do a stasis period with then just start nolvadex he said not to use taper is tapering that much better. the problem is i dont have all the gear for my next cycle to even use it for the taper. And i will be traveling home so it will be hard to get needles home and still havent figured out how im gonna et my gear home. If i just do the nolvadex what should i do

Hate giving advice for someone that doesn’t have adequate tools so I have to adapt my advice to their lacking. It makes me feel like I’m giving bad advice. But here:

Tamoxifen dosages:
day 1 60mg
days 2 - 11 40mg
days 12 - 21 20mg

Next time do your research before you start, Tamoxifen PCT info are everywhere.

Actually go right now, because this will be your next question, look up how long after last injection you take the Tamoxifen… that’s if you know the relationship between Tamoxifen and Nolva to begin with.



well if you have run your deca right to the end then all the stasis period is going to do is last until the deca is out of your system which I guess is better than nothing but still not gonna do much cause i assume your nuts are wee little peas by now. It may work out for you but it might not in which case you are gonna have to find some HCG.

If you can find more test/pins then I would really recommend doing a longer taper (say 6 weeks for the stasis and then another 6 to taper down to nothing).

d6987 in your first post you said you had the gear for your nexy cycle in your second you said you didn’t. Which is it?
If you do use some of that test to taper you will likely only need about 3cc worth so it should not blow your next cycle.
If you don’t have any test I wonder how close you are to the end. I wonder if you knew to run your test 2 weeks longer than your Deca. If you still have some Test left over,you could cut down your 500mg a week to a lower dose so you have enough for the entire taper period.
Tell what you have remaining and we can make your best possible plan.