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Cycle Check


Hello all,

Been a while since I pinned but I'm feeling great and ready for a steady cycle. Not looking for Mass just a steady gain of a few lbs of LBM over the next 3 months.

I'm choosing to do Test & EQ this time around. I've done Test before and have had no gyno issues up to 750mg/week Since I will be going with a smaller dose of T I 'm not planning on using an AI although I will have one on hand just in case. EQ's profile seems to fit both my goals and genetics (that is to say I think I would get some solid gains from this combo based on those I know who have/have not).

So here is what I am thinking:

Test Enth
w1-14 @ 500
w1-12 @ 400

I think the timing of my Nolva is correct but I'm not positive I'm staring it 4 weeks out of the EQ and 2 weeks out on the Test E.

I appreciate any of you who take the time to critique this.



Even with EQ's long ester, this seems like a pretty long cycle. I'd frontload, possibly increase dosages for effectiveness, and cut the overall cycle length to 10 or 11 weeks.

If you are starting nolvadex therapy two weeks after your enth, your numbers are wrong. If you end at week 14, you will start the nolva at the beginning of week 17. You are running test throughout week 14, then taking weeks 15 and 16 off to let hormone levels drop, then, at the very beginning of week 17, you will start nolva. On paper it looks like three weeks, but it is actually a proper two weeks after your last shot.


Why run long cycles?


Thanks Cortes,
Makes sense. I should get closer to 12/10 with the test/eq.... Im under the impression that I should run the test a cpl of weeks past the eq and that eq's yields best results around 10 (this is my impression from the research I have done). Also, having run test before from 10-12 weeks I don't anticipate that being a problem. I'm certainly open to shorter cycles if anyone has sone insight on that for this combo.

PCT: that clears up the 2 week wait...


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You can't really have a short cycle with test enth and Eq undec..

I once saw a pharm that sold Eq acetate...was always out of stock, and they don't carry it anymore..

If you are looking to run a shorter cycle for the purpose of body recomp use test prop or TNE (testosterone no ester), with tren acetate. If you are trying to avoid side effects then substitute the tren for oral winstrol or tbol.


I'd look into the stasis taper PCT f i was you.


Bold cyp is currently available, of course depending upon your source. I had some bold cyp powder myself, but gave it to a friend, as I wasn't really interested in using it at the time (very recently).

That would take care of your problem if you can get ahold of it...


Thanks Cortes and BBB you've given me something to think about. Can you elaborate on the shorter cycle option BBB.?


Test Prop, with any other short acting oil or oral would be a good choice for a 6 week cycle.

Bold Cyp is definitely available, if you choose to go that route.

Mast prop, tren ace, or even npp, anything with a shorter ester.