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Cycle Check Please


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Goatbrady said:
Today 05:56 PM
Cycle check
Hey guys, new here, just looking for any suggestions or seeing if I missed covering any of my bases! Running a 18 week cycle. Like to keep test on the low end to minimize side effects, and I’ve found my body responds well to low dose. Cycle goal is 15 lbs lean muscle and to build my aerobic capacity. I have all the proper PCT ready to start week 18. I’m contemplating finishing the last 4-6 weeks with either anavar, winny, or Mast E. I have expierence with anavar and have liked the gains. Tempted to try something different, I would Love to try winny, but the joint pain sounds nasty. Maybe start some glucosamine now to help with joints later?? Interested to hear what you guys have liked or recommend for finishing off a cycle.
Wk 1-18 Test E 350mg
Wk 1-18 EQ 800mg
Wk 1-6 Tbol 40mg Ed
Wk 12-18 Anavar 40mg ED or winstrol 50 mg ED?
Adex throughout .5mg EO3D
Tudca and milk thistle for liver throughout.

PCT consists of taper down protocol of clomid and nolvadex.

Open to suggestions, thanks for taking a look guys.

Also since I know someone will ask, 31yo, 205lbs, 9% BF. This will be my third cycle.