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Cycle Check Help

Preparing to start my 3rd cycle (1st in two years) cycle and stats below, any advice welcome. Thanks in advance.
back in gym now for 5 months
Cycle Plan
wk 1-10 Test E 500/wk
wk 1-10 Eq 400/wk
wk 11-15 Tren A 75 EOD
wk 11-15 Winny 50 ED
wk 11-17 Test E 250/wk
wk 1-17 Aridex .25 EOD

wk 20-24 Nolva 40/40/20/20

That’s a fairly long cycle. Not sure that you are planning to use the EQ for long enough for it to really work.

PCT is too short for a cycle of that length.

If you are planning to slim down then personally i would just do 8 weeks of Test P and Tren A.

I would add in HCG 3x/week @ 250iu during the cycle.

You mention you have been back on the gym for 5 months - Is this following an extended period of time without training? If so is this likely to be something that happens again?

Ditto Pex on the compounds, HCG and PCT.

Abit confused why you would only do Tren A at the end and lower Test E?

Just keep it simple unless you are prepping for a show.

Good diet, training and cardio + Test or Test/Tren with the option to add Dbol for a bulk or anavar for cutting too.

I’m trying to figure out what you mean here.

The EQ will be in his system all the way through week 16ish. The reason people say EQ should be run longer is because it takes so long to build up, but you still effectively get 10 good weeks out of it if you run it 10 weeks. It’s just a delayed effect. Since he’s keeping the testosterone (and other drugs) going for 7 weeks after he stops the EQ, it should be fine. I wouldn’t want to do a 10 week cycle with EQ and end EVERYTHING at week 10. But the way he’s got it set up is good.

agreed that pct is likely too short.

I’d probably also run the tren a bit longer, but it’s going to be effective regardless, so that’s just a personal preference.

overall i like it. Usually I don’t dig overly complicated cycles, but this seems to be well thought out.

I have enough to extend Tren and Test another 2 weeks but what additionall PCT would you suggest ie. Time, length and another serum?

Good points regarding EQ - It’s not a drug that i have used but for bodybuilding purposes i have always seen it advised to run it for a bit longer and at a higher dosage.

I would add the HCG during the cycle and extend nolvadex to at least 6 weeks for a cycle of this length.

If it were me i would probably do week 1-6 @ 20mg per day then another week or two @ 10mg per day.

I would still be tempted to do something like test p and tren a for 8 weeks instead and maybe add in some winstrol. If your goal is to slim down this will be very effective and you have only recently got back into things after an extended period of time off.

Sorry I didn’t put HCG in my cycle list above but I do have it at 500iu/wk throughout the entire cycle and will change PCT to 6 weeks @ 20/ 2 weeks @ 10. Thanks for all the advice, it is great to be able to come in new to this board and receive instant help.