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Cycle Check/Advice


Hey fellas,
Yes, I know this is my first post and I'm already asking for cycle advice but I am no noob to training and am a long-time lurker here. So first of all my stats:
Bodyfat- 12-14%
Years Training- 10
Previous cycles include a 10 week Test E cycle when I was 21. Follwing this one year later was a Test-E, EQ and d-bol cycle. Then was a Test-E, Deca and d-bol. My plan for a nice summer cycle is as follows.

Weeks 1-12- Test-E at 500mgs/week injected twice weekly
Weeks 1-8- Parabolan at 100mgs EOD
Weeks 9-14- Anavar or Winstrol at 50mgs/day
Weeks 1-14- Armidex at .5/mg per day
Weeks 1-8 - Mirapex(pramipexole)- .5mg/day

PCT- Test taper- I have used Prisoner's guidelines for my last cycle and this was by far the
easiest PCT I have ever done.

So my questions: I can get var and winstrol at the same price for the same number of tabs at the same 10mg strength. Which do you think would be the better buy??
Also while taking both the armidex and prami do you think i could rotate days. For example take .5mg of prami day one then .5 mg of armidex day 2 and so on??
Thank you very much guys let me know if there is anything else you need.


Well considering that either the Var is fake, or the Winstrol is desperately over-priced.. it depends on the price - if expensive, go for the Var, if cheap, go for the Winstrol! lol

No, you'd use them both.. In fact, Trenbolone has no effect on prolactin in me - and i recognise high prolactin VERY easily due to much Nandrolone experience. I believe it has little to no activity in that regard. JMO.

The cycle looks fine - i would run it for 6-8 weeks personally.. frontloaded. But that is my preference these days. Regular, shorter, higher dose and more frequent cycles.



Thanks brook, I was wrong btw the winny tabs are 50mgs a piece which makes the price understandable.


hmmm and with your thoughts on prolactin I might just hold off on taking the prami unless I begin to see any kind of prolactin like side effects. No need to put something else into my body that I don't neccesarily need.


It may have beneficial sides regardless - you should read up on it.. not just Wiki however :wink:


hahaha DAMN IT! How did you know that is my research tool of choice?? Who wouldn't trust an online dictionary where each entry could be written by a total moron? I'll make sure I look a little more in-depth. Thanks again


lol! seriously though, i like Wiki, it is just that for anything other than a basic introduction to a subject - it is not that helpful.


Just to throw out a little update...I decided after reading a little about prami to go with aromasin as my AI. So plan is I will start at 12.5mgs a day and adjust as I feel neccesary.