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Cycle Breakouts

what other than high E can be the cause of breakouts. im pretty positive my E is fine. im using letro .5mg ED. had a bout with gyno over the summer that i got cleared up and tried this dose recommended from some one i know well thats used it. libido is fine, joints are fine.

but i’ll be damned if im breaking out right at week 6, again.

any other help or solutions?

Could be increased oil production because of the higher test levels

make sure youre on top of your skin care, wash your face and back/shoulders/neck a lot, especially if you have facial hairs thats like 200% more prone to acne

conversion to dht can cause acne too

my shoulders break out pretty bad on cycle. I wear it with pride

I actually get the breakouts OFF cycle. And that’s when coming off as well as when off for weeks and weeks. Nothing screams "ROIDS!! as the mix of muscles and acne, and it doubly sucks when off cycle! On cycle, perfect skin. So can’t help you here.

I usually break out during pct, never really on cycle

it cant be high E as im on about 200mg test per week and 700tren and letro.

shower 2x a day and eat alot of good fats

and change bed sheets

Noobish question! Don’t flame me up :smiley:
What are breakouts? You guys mean acne?

Haha yes dude

inglish so gud

Yes we mean acne bruh

i;ve been using neutrigena (i cant spell) face wash on shoulders and it seemed to help and also changing sheets more frequently along with tanning 2x per week.

my skin is not perfect but i think i got a handle on it… wearing clean T-shirts to sleep in. shower morning and night. and neutrogena body scrub for breakout prone areas. shoulders are still a little rough but its the best i’ve ever been ON.