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Cycle Before or After Biceps Tendonesis Surgery?

Hey guys so I’ve been back and forth on this idea. Would it be worth doing a cycle before my surgery or after? I’m planning in just keeping it simple, either just a test cycle about 600mg a week or test with Ebola to kick start the cycle

My thinking is I should bulk up before the shoulder surgery and mitigate my natural mass loss. The surgery is about a 3 month recovery, and I’m also not sure if it would be wise to juice coming off a tendon surgery. Steroids do weaken tendons and it’s probably not wise to pack a ton mass on right after surgery and risk overloading the tendon and hurting myself again.

The injury is not lifting related and overuse from years of playing baseball and in theory I’m not supposed to have issues post surgery since the tendon gets fully severed and attached in a new spot according to my surgeon.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Have you ever run a cycle before?

I haven’t yet but my thinking on this is if you never have, there are enough variables involved already without adding in the complications of how it may affect your surgery/rehab.

I’d definitely be interested to hear others’ comments, especially anyone who’s had good or bad experiences with a cycle pre-surgery.

Waste of gear. Lets say you put on 15lbs, you are most def going to lose that during recovery.

Be careful using Ebola for a kickstart, that can be deadly.


I’ve had 3 shoulder surgeries with the last one being in January. I was running my normal TRT dose plus HGH before surgery and hitting as much of the surround muscle as possible to improve recovery. After surgery you will be motionless for 6 weeks, then rehab. Once the PT says its OK, then start doing anything to keep moving including one arm work outs with the good arm.

This isn’t exactly true, some things like Winstrol are known to do this but not Test.

Actually, it will be as much as 9 months post surgery to get back to where you were before as far as strength.

I really can’t comment from experience on how good or bad a cycle would be before or after your surgery because I am not a doctor and have never dealt with a similar issue myself. However when I read this something immediately came to mind and it is something I had to learn myself and have tried to pass along to anyone who will listen.

The basic point of my comment is this, your tendons/ligaments are usually about 6 months behind the development of your muscles. It’s just rather easy especially with gear to stimulate muscle growth but there is no real way to stimulate tendon/ligament development directly it’s development is a response to the muscle growth/development. At least that is how I understand it. So the question is do you want to run a cycle before or after the surgery, I wouldn’t do either. If anything about 6-9 months after the surgery when everything seems to be recovered and your regular activity isn’t over stressing your newly repaired tendon then a light cycle to get back around your pre surgery condition might be okay. Something around a cycle just above 'anti muscle loss" is about where I would think it should be relatively safe. You could get a little mass but really I would push towards conditioning and toning on that cycle. You can stimulate a little bit of new muscle just to get the tendon to start the “catch up development” but nothing serious in the way of new mass. Then a proper PCT and recovery. After that is the earliest I would try to do a full on gaining cycle. With the tendons and ligaments naturally being six months behind muscle development I think you will do some damage trying to gain before or too soon after the surgery. If you do it before the surgery then the tendon is stressed after the cycle and that is not the best way to go into a surgery in my mind. After the surgery is just too soon because it needs time to heal then develop to your regular physical activity, if you try to gain it is going to put too much on that repair.

That’s my opinion and again I am not a doctor nor have I had any first hand experience with post surgery recovery.

Yeah I meant a 3 month recover just recovering from the surgery and digging in to PT. Definitely longer to get back to pre surgery self